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RRD Cult Quad 75 2012 action

RRD Wave Cult Contest Quad 75 Custom 2012

Stats Volume (L) 75 Weight (Kg) 7.5 Length (cm) 230 Width (cm) 56 Construction Custom Fin 2x 16cm + 2x 9cm MFC QS300 Price £1650


The RRD Wave Cults are available as either single or quad fin boards. For 2012 they have the same basic shape as last year and the Contest Quad version has got an all-new lighter and stiffer construction. They are designed and aimed at more on-shore riding.

At a glance
It is the longest and also second widest board in the test, with a narrow pintail that has only a small amount of rocker. The fittings are top quality, with DaKine footstraps and MFC quad fins. The fin boxes are US Box at the back, for adjustment and Slot Box at the front for further weight savings.

On the water
The Cult 75 feels very stable under foot, even when underpowered and off the plane. It lifts up quickly and smoothly on to the plane, with very little effort required from the rider. Once you get back into the straps, the ride from here is great, with super comfy straps and pads. It feels compact and very controllable while blasting around in all conditions, with a very smooth ride. It is a good jumping board, very controllable in the air and easy to land softly. On the wave it is loose and snappy, with plenty of grip through the bottom turn, it can be turned incredibly tight and it generates speed from the smallest of waves. Holding its speed well through the turn, this board is also easy to get vertical on the wave with and then smash the lip. This really makes it standout in smaller less than perfect wave conditions and when the waves do power up it also delivers the goods.

Summing up
The Cult Contest Quad is a great all-rounder and was enjoyed by all testers for its loose, controlled and comfortable riding style which is suitable for all levels of rider. It will shred in any conditions and is particularly good at making the most out of less than perfect waves.

For more information on the

RRD Wave Cult Contest Quad 75 Custom 2012

go to www.robertoriccidesigns.com

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