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RRD Xfire 112 2012 action

RRD X-Fire 112 Team Edition

Stats Volume (L) 112 Weight (Kg) 7.1 Length (cm) 235 Width (cm) 69 Construction Team Edition Price £1399


The low down
The X-Fire V3 is RRD’s hardcore slalom race board line, available in six different sizes, the range comes in Ltd carbon construction, which is light as well as claiming to be highly durable.

At a glance
The 112 has had a few design tweaks, with a new scoop rocker line and redesigned cut-outs in the tail. On the deck it has a slight concave, up front, to lower the rig into the board and at the back it comes complete with super comfortable DaKine Footstraps. It has a Tuttle fin box but is not supplied with a fin. RRD recommends a fin range of between 34-42cm.

It is very stable under foot, lifting quickly and easily up onto the plane. From the straps, the ride is super comfortable and it handles all conditions with great ease. For such a hardcore racer, it is a very easy board to ride and this means you can really push your own limits with complete confidence. It is a quick board on all points of sail but it is when you point off the wind that it really starts to pull away. The corners are where this board really wins, it is one of the easiest slalom boards to gybe and it just doesn’t ever slow down through the corners. At any speed and in all conditions, even when you’re at your limit, you can crank it into a carve and you’re almost guaranteed to come out the other side at full speed, which is great fun and also can be put to good use on the race course, when races are easily won or lost at the gybe marks.

The verdict
Off the wind top speed, smooth handling in all conditions and incredibly easy gybing are what make this board stand out. It is a high performance board and it is very easy to access this performance. It would be highly competitive on the racecourse, particularly around the corners but also a lot of fun to blast on, provided you like your blasting at warp speeds!


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