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Severne Blade 5.3 2012

Severne Blade 5.3

Stats Size (m2) 5.3 Luff (cm) 432 Boom (cm) 169 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 32 Price £TBC

The Blade is Severne’s power and control orientated wave sail.

At a glance
This five batten sail has a short boom and a fairly long luff. It is built to be both durable and lightweight, taking advantage of light weight materials where possible and using a full X-ply construction, it looks solid and has top quality build to match. For 2012 it has been made even lighter and has a classy new look.

Its recommended mast is a 400 RDM but it is also compatible with standard masts. We tested the sail on a Severne Redline 400 RD mast. It is easy to rig and get set up effectively, with large downhaul pulleys at the foot and a decent tuning range that is adjusted with the outhaul to suit the conditions.

On the water
The Blade is very light in the hands, with a positive drive but neutral feel. It has the perfect balance of power and control, it is an incredibly efficient sail that has plenty of power low-down and it is super easy to control with your backhand to feed it in smoothly, when you need it or switch it off when you don’t. The pull is slightly forward, which makes it very easy to use and also slightly more forgiving than some of the other power wave sails on test but it is also still razor sharp. The wind range on the water is fantastic and it deals with changeable conditions superbly, regardless of how it’s rigged. At the top end it is also a quick sail and in a straight line it can generate some fast top speeds, which is great for jumping or charging down waves.

Summing up
The Blade is packing plenty of power but the level of control it delivers is the most impressive thing, it is easy and forgiving to use but at the same time, crisp and sharp. A great all-round wave sail that will suit all conditions and any level of rider that seek control over power.


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