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Severne S1 4.7 2012

Severne S1 4.7

Stats Size (m2) 4.7 Luff (cm) 402 Boom (cm) 162 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 2 Price £489

The S1 is Ben Severnes flagship signature model sail, it is a manoeuvre orientated wave and freestyle sail that is designed with no compromise with more tech and less weight.

At a glance
It is extremely well made and uses the very latest lightweight materials and technology available. There is no expense spared and it is built for the highest performance and the lightest overall weight. It has five battens, with a fairly compact shape and plenty of re-enforcement where needed to make it strong as well as light.

It will rig on either a 370 or 400 RDM, we tested the sail with a Severne Gorilla 370 RDM. It has a decent tuning range that can be tweaked with down and out-haul to suit the conditions. It has two out-haul clew options for fine tuning and for best results don’t go too hard on the down haul, it sets best with a bit of rotation in the foil and the leech floppy between the top couple of battens.

On the water
The S1 feels incredibly light in the hands with a centred and balanced pull that is easily controlled. It is a highly efficient foil that can generate power from anywhere and it also controls it well when you’re well powered up, which makes it super reliable in all conditions or any situations you get yourself into. The handling is sharp and crisp, which makes this a highly rewarding sail to use but this does also mean it’s not particularly forgiving. On a wave, its ability to generate power means you always have plenty of pull throughout your turns and its lightweight is easy to throw about in manoeuvres.

Summing up
The S1 was a standout sail for lightweight crisp handling and a super sharp on/off power delivery. It feels very special to use and was a favourite with all testers, working well with all board types and fin configurations. It is however not the most forgiving of sails so would be better suited to more advanced and focused riders.


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