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Severne Turbo 7.5 2012

Severne Turbo 7.5

Stats Size (m2) 7.5 Luff (cm) 482 Boom (cm) 205 Battens 7 Ideal Mast 460/25 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 22 Price £479

The Turbo was new to the Severne range last season, it is a twin cam sail designed for user-friendly freeride/freerace performance.

At a glance
It has seven battens with two cams and a moderately narrow luff tube. The shape is medium aspect, with a cut-down clew to shorten the boom length and it has a very stealthy appearance. It is a quality well-made sail that is also very lightweight.

It is a very quick and easy sail to rig, setting on a 460 mast, we tested it on a Severne Enigma mast. It is very easy to tune and not too critical, making it very ‘plug and play’ with minimum hassle.

On the water it is super lightweight in the hands, it has a good solid forward pull and it also feels quite soft for a cambered sail. The bottom end performance is very good, especially in the lighter winds, it gets going quickly with minimal effort but you can also pump it effectively to get going even earlier. The stability is superb, with the leech twisting away smoothly above the boom to maintain complete control through the gusts. At the top end, it is quick and controlled, giving you lots of confidence to push yourself even faster. It has an awesome natural wind range, which means it doesn’t require constant tuning and you can just enjoy the conditions, whatever happens. Through manoeuvres it handles beautifully, the short boom, combined with the lightweight make it very easy to throw around and the cams rotate as smooth as silk.

The verdict
A great twin cam freerace sail that offers easy handling combined with high-speed performance. If you want to go as fast as possible with minimum effort, this sail is for you. It is a completely hassle free racer that is fun and effective on any board from freeride to slalom.


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