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Simmer Icon 5.9 2012

Simmer Icon 5.9

Stats Size (m2) 5.9 Luff (cm) 444 Boom (cm) 185 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 14 Price £539

The Simmer Icon is claimed to be the most versatile all-round wave sail in their range, designed to deliver in the widest of conditions and built to withstand the heaviest punishment.

At a glance
The Icon has five battens and a full X-ply construction. The build quality is top notch, it looks extremely hardwearing and totally bomb proof. For 2012 it has a more compact out-line and has also lost weight over last year’s model. The new Simmer colour schemes look great and really make the Icon standout on the water.

It sets on a 430 RDM and we tested the sail with a Simmer RDM10 430 mast. This sail has a massive range that can be adjusted to suit all styles and conditions. Once the downhaul is set, it can easily be tuned and adjusted with the out-haul to suit.

The Icon is really well balanced in the hands, the pull comes from just in front of centre and this really drives you forward. The power feeds in very smoothly and is easy to control, so you can switch it on and off as you need. The natural wind range on the water is very good and it reacts well to any gusts or lulls, keeping you controlled and powered all the time. The bottom end grunt is good but it’s the top end control and handling that is most impressive, it never seems to get overpowered. This sail is a solid high performer in the waves and its versatile nature and handling also make it a useful and capable freestyle sail.

The verdict
The Simmer Icon is a super versatile wave sail that can crossover into freestyle and also freeride well, it is especially good if you’re hard on your kit and want something that will stand up to some punishment and last. It has great all-round handling, with a huge tuning range and a very impressive top end.


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