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Simmer Iron 5.3 2012

Simmer Iron 5.3

Stats Size (m2) 5.3 Luff (cm) 419 Boom (cm) 177 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 19 Price £495

The Iron is Simmers ‘hybrid’ power wave sail, designed for full power and full control. For 2012 it has been made lighter, with a lower aspect ratio for improved control and handling, it’s also available in three bright new colour options to make them standout even more on the water.

At a glance
It has a compact, boxy out-line shape, with five battens, loads of X-ply re-enforcements and a large clear view window in the middle. The build quality and materials are of the highest standard, as with all Simmer sails, it looks like it should stand up to some serious punishment.

Rigging on a 400 RDM with 19cm of extension required, it has a huge tuning range, it sets with a fair bit of pre-shape in the foil and can be tuned to good effect for either light-wind power or high-wind control by tweaking the down and out-haul.

On the water
The Iron feels light in the hands for a power wave sail and is perfectly balanced. The bottom end pull is progressive and easily controlled, it is not too fierce and physical, making it suitable for medium or heavyweight riders. It powers up quickly and keeps on pulling, it’s one of the fastest sails at the top end, which is great for launching big jumps or hitting sections with full speed and commitment. The top-end control is superb and it never gets over powered or back handed, which gives you confidence to go for it. In manoeuvres the power can be switched off very easily and back on when you need it.

Summing up
The Iron is a power wave sail that would suit a wide range of rider styles and weights, it has good bottom end power and superb top-end control. If you want a wave sail that provides top-end high speed, power and control then this one delivers.


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