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Simmer Vmax 7.9 2012

Simmer V-Max 7.9

Stats Size (m2) 7.9 Luff (cm) 480 Boom (cm) 226 Battens 6 Ideal Mast 460/25 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 20 Price £499

The Simmer V-Max is a powerful, rotational six batten freeride sail, designed to deliver maximum planing performance with the minimum sail size and rig weight.

At a glance
It has a compact, low-aspect shape, with a moderately short luff and generous boom length which is a result of the Simmer race sail development and reflects current market trend. There is a slight cut out at the clew next to batten five (second from bottom) and this increases the stability of the sail. The build quality and features are top notch, as you would expect from Simmer, with a good balance between weight saving and durability.

It is very quick and easy to rig, setting on a 460 mast – we tested it with a Simmer SC10 SDM. Tuning is hassle free and it has a decent tuning range – we found for the best handling, down-haul to the recommended and tune with the out-haul – there are also two out-haul options at the clew for fine tuning.

The V-Max is well balanced in the hands with a solid low-down and forward drive that powers up very quickly. It is packing plenty of grunt, so even in the lighter winds you will accelerate rapidly. Blasting in light to medium conditions it handles fantastically, delivering good top speed and control, however in windier conditions it does start to get a bit backhanded which is reflective of this category of sails, so it is far better suited to lighter wind conditions. Round the corners its well-balanced handling gives you plenty of control through the turn and it is also packing plenty of power for your exits.

The verdict
In light to medium winds the V-Max is a top freeride blasting sail, it is quick and comfortable, delivering maximum power for the sail size, so you won’t need to change up. Suitable for all rider levels to power either freeride or freerace boards.


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