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Starboard Futura 111 2012 action

Starboard Futura 111 Wood Carbon

Stats Volume (L) 111 Weight (Kg) 7.8 Length (cm) 240.5 Width (cm) 69 Construction Wood Carbon Fin Drake 40cm Price £1599

The low down
The Futura is Starboards freerace board line, sharing many design features with their full on slalom race boards, the iSonics. It is designed to deliver maximum performance, with the widest range, while remaining user-friendly and fun to ride. The range is available in six different sizes and two constructions,

At a glance
It has plenty of width across the middle, with a rounded nose and a wide pintail. From the side profile, it is very thin, which is aimed to lower its centre of gravity and on the deck it has a deep concave around the mast track. In the stance area the deck is raised up and there is a nice amount of dome under the pads. Underneath it has subtle vee double concaves and in the tail it features large cut-outs by the fin. The fin box is Tuttle and it comes complete with a Drake Venom 40cm fin. This model, in the carbon construction comes out as the lightest in the group, it also looks the business too, with the carbon exposed under the paintwork.

With plenty of width across the middle, it is very stable under foot and as soon as it sniffs the slightest bit of wind it is off, planing extremely early and allowing you to get quickly back into the footstraps. The ride from the straps is superbly comfortable, with the perfect amount of dome for your feet and the elevated riding position puts you in a great stance to connect with the board. It is also recommended that you raise your boom height a couple of cm’s to compensate for the deck concave. On the straights it is seriously fast, delivering a lively and exciting yet highly controllable ride in all conditions. Round the corners it gybes beautifully, delivering the most versatile and adaptable carving capabilities of any other board in its category.

The verdict
The Futura delivers easy to access, slalom style performance to all riders of any ability. Its gybing ability, as well as ride from the straps, is superb combined with a vast wind/sail range. It is a highly versatile board that blends race course performance with comfort, control and excitement.


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