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Starboard Futura 121 2012 action

Starboard Futura 121 Wood Carbon

Stats Volume (L) 121 Weight (Kg) 7.7 Length (cm) 245.5 Width (cm) 75.5 Construction Wood Carbon Price £1599


The low down
The Futura is Starboard’s freerace board line, for 2012 the shapes have had a few tweaks from last year’s models. The range is available in two constructions, either wood or woodcarbon and it comes in six different sizes.

At a glance
It is short and wide, with a rounded nose and a winged pintail. The deck has a concave around the mast track, similar to the iSonic with a raised area around the footpads. The hull has vee throughout, with cut-outs in the tail. This version in woodcarbon construction looks great and is also stiff and super lightweight. The fittings are top quality and it comes with a 44cm Drake Venom Tuttlebox fin.

It is extremely comfortable underfoot with the perfect amount of dome on the deck to fit your feet comfortably, giving you masses of control and confidence, you really feel connected to the board. It is very quick without you even having to try, it accelerating rapidly up through the gears, pushing towards a limitless top end. Without requiring much rider effort it delivers exciting high performance but it does also reward you when you push it and always has an extra gear for overdrive. Over choppy or rough water it is extremely well behaved and poised, so you can take advantage of its performance at any time. Round the corners it is very versatile, cutting a smooth arc every time and making it easy to power out of all gybes with full speed, it simply doesn’t slow down.

The verdict
The Futura delivers a seriously high level of performance, which is very easy to access and enjoy. It is extremely fast and could give many slalom boards a very good run for their money, but at the same time, it is very user friendly. It would suit freeracers perfectly or even slalom sailors who want a bit more control but is not out of the reach of most freeriders


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