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Starboard Kode 103 2012 action

Starboard Kode 103 Wood Carbon

Stats Volume (L) 103 Weight (Kg) 7.2 Length (cm) 234 Width (cm) 64.5 Construction Wood Carbon Fin Drake Freewave 30cm Price £1599

The low-down
The Kode is Starboard’s freestyle wave line, available in eight sizes and three different constructions, Technora, Wood and Woodcarbon. The smallest three models are more wave orientated while the middle three have a slightly more freestyle bias with the biggest two being freemoves. For 2012 the range has had a few tweaks including all new graphics.

At a glance
The 103 has a completely new shape for 2012, it is shorter and wider, especially in the tail, with a rounded nose and plenty of rocker. The wide stepped pintail suggests the freestyle potential the board has. The deck is nicely domed and it has cushioned foot pads. It comes with quality Starboard footstraps and it is supplied with a 30cm Drake Freewave US box fin.

The Kode is very stable, with plenty of width across the middle and it is lightning quick to accelerate and lift onto the plane. The ride from the straps is great; the pads are very comfortable and soft cushioning the ride well. There is no doubt that this is a quick board in a straight line and the ride is very lively and exciting. For straight up blasting, this board is fast and fun but there is a lot more to it than straight lines, it is all about the manoeuvres. Round the corners it is a highly adaptable board that will reward all carving styles and carve a secure turn in any conditions. It is super capable in the waves and great for jumping as you can use its fast top speed to go big in the air. Freestyle is where this board really excels though and, with a small freestyle fin fitted, it is tough to tell it apart from a pure freestyle board at times. If you sail in choppy conditions and like throwing your moves at warp speed then this would be a good option to go for.

The verdict
The Kode is a very versatile board that you can take anywhere and is great fun on either flat-water or waves. It’s freestyle performance stands out the most but this doesn’t seem to compromise its capability in other areas. Suitable for all levels of rider, especially those who place an emphasis on freestyle.


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