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Starboard IQ Quad 74 action

Starboard Quad IQ 74 Wood Carbon 2012

Stats Volume (L) 74 Weight (Kg) 7.0 Length (cm) 227 Width (cm) 57 Construction Wood Carbon Fin 2x 13cm + 2x 11cm Drake Price £1699


The Starboard Quad range was introduced a couple of years ago and it has been developed for powerful wave performance. For 2012 there are a few tweaks in the range and a complete graphical freshening up.

At a glance
The 74 retains the same shape as last year’s board. It is one of the smallest boards on the test, in terms of volume, but the widest at 57cm and it has a narrow pintail. There’s plenty of rocker in the nose and tail, while on the underside, it has a double into single concave hull design. The fittings are top quality, with decent adjustable footstraps and it also comes with four Slot Box Drake fins that can be adjusted to tune the handling. Fins closer together is looser and wider apart for more grip is the general rule but something that should be experimented with to find your personal preference. We also found it worked best all-round with the big fins in the back boxes.

On the water
It is very stable under foot, with plenty of width across the middle. The Starboard is not the earliest board to get planing due to its heavily rockered shape but if you put a little effort in, it will accelerate swiftly enough. Back in the straps the ride is very comfortable and controlled, it is a quick board off the wind, which can be put to good effect for launching big jumps and while airborne, it is easy to control. When it comes down to wave riding the Starboard fully comes alive, it picks up so much speed on the slightest of waves and is secure on the biggest. Through the bottom turn it holds its speed perfectly, with plenty of grip from the fins, enabling you to really bury the rail hard into the carve and when you get to the top of the wave, crank a tight high-speed cut-back with heaps of spray.

Summing up
The Starboard thrives in all wave-riding conditions and covers a wide range of rider abilities.

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Starboard Quad IQ 74 Wood Carbon 2012

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