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Thommen CrossX 97 2012 action

Thommen Cross X 97 Bamboo 2

Stats Volume (L) 97 Weight (Kg) 7.8 Length (cm) 244 Width (cm) 59.5 Construction Bamboo 2 Fin Meanline SC30cm Price £TBC

The low-down
The Cross X is Thommen’s crossover board line. Shaped by Peter Thommen, it is designed for smooth gybing combined with high speeds. Available in four sizes it comes in high quality bamboo and carbon construction.

At a glance
The Thommen has a classic shape and design. It is the longest and narrowest on test and comes in bamboo construction, which is claimed to be lighter and stronger than wood constructions. It looks great, with minimal graphics and a plain white paint job with the bamboo exposed on the deck and base. The fittings are top quality, with Thommen straps and pads and a fairly straight 30cm Meanline Powerbox fin. The board also features an automatic pressure vent that doesn’t require any screwing or unscrewing.

Despite being one of the narrowest, it is still stable enough under foot; it also lifts very easily and efficiently onto the plane. The ride from the straps is comfortable, with the perfect amount of dome on the deck for grip and control. It is a fast board and it feels very solid, with a secure ride that drives from the fin. This board accelerates quickly and doesn’t stop accelerating, it feels like there is no limit to the top-end and it’s like this in all conditions, even the rough stuff.

Its fast top speed can be used to launch big jumps or for cranking into fast carves. It gybes very smoothly and grips well through high-speed turns, favouring the wider arc and maintaining its speed nicely for the exit.

The verdict
The Thommen Cross X is fast, easy and great fun to blast in a straight line. If you are looking for a board that is quick in all conditions then this is the one for you, on a straight-line blast there really isn’t much that will match it in this category. Suitable for any level of rider it is an ideal high wind freeride blaster. More, old school wave-slalom than freestyle-wave but heaps of fun and if you’re not so bothered about freestyle and just want to link high-speed gybes with smoking fast runs, this is the board for you.


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