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Thommen Maui X 83 2012 action

Thommen Maui Wave X 83 Bamboo 2012

Stats Volume (L) 83 Weight (Kg) 6.5 Length (cm) 235 Width (cm) 55 Construction Bamboo 2 Fin 24cm Meanline Price £1699

Thommen produce just one wave board line, the Maui Wave X is a trusted single fin design that has remained unchanged for four seasons. Also comes with boardbag and 2 year warranty.

At a glance
The Maui X has a very classic shape, with a narrow pintail and plenty of rocker in the nose. It comes in Bamboo2  construction, which comes out considerably lighter than anything else on test at 6.5kg, it also looks super fresh with a plain white finish and exposed bamboo on the base and deck. It comes complete with top quality footstraps, comfortable pads and you have the option to set the front straps either fully in-board or slightly out-board, depending on your riding preference. The fin is a 24cm US box Meanline fin, which has a slight kick back in the tip and is quite stiff throughout.

On the water
The Thommen planes early and accelerates very quickly, thanks to its lightweight and shape. From the straps it is very comfortable with a fairly narrow stance width and the perfect amount of dome under foot.
It is a quick board and also very comfortable going fast, which makes it great fun for blasting around in bump & jump conditions where you can put it’s top speed and lightweight to good use and boost some super high jumps.
On a wave it also does not disappoint, providing you are powered it will carve a solid bottom turn and hold its speed well for your cut-back off the top. It favours a slightly wider turning radius but can be driven hard off the back foot to tighten up the turn and get more vertical.

Summing up
The Thommen is a very reliable single fin, if you are looking for a board to suit a more classic riding style in bump and jump, as well as wave riding conditions, then this is the one for you. Its construction and fittings are of the highest quality but this does come at a higher price.

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Thommen Maui Wave X 83 Bamboo 2012


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