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Tushingham Edge 4.7 2012

Tushingham Edge 4.7

Stats Size (m2) 4.7 Luff (cm) 402 Boom (cm) 166 Battens 4 Ideal Mast 370/17 IMCS RDM Extension Req (cm) 32 Price £359

The Edge is Tushingham’s all new manoeuvre orientated lightweight freestyle and wave crossover sail range. Available in four sizes from 4.2 up to 5.7 and in two distinctive colour option.

At a glance
This four battened sail has a compact shape and high-cut foot. It has large colourful panels that really make this sail standout, with a unique look. There is a large clear mono window in the middle and X-ly re-enforcement in the foot and other high impact areas.

This 4.7 can be rigged on either a 370 or a 400 mast, we tested it with a 370 for a better bottom end performance but you do need a fairly long extension, at 32cm. We used a Tushingham RD wave mast. It has a very good tuning range and can be set to suit a wide variety of conditions. For low-down power and freestyle performance set the down-haul to minimum and then tweak with the out-haul to keep the leach tighter but it also works well in powered up conditions with more down-haul and a softer leach. There is a useful rigging guide on the Tushingham website.

It feels extremely light in the hands, with a neutral feel that enables you to virtually forget about the sail. Its wind range is impressive, with plenty of power at the bottom end, it is the smallest sail in this test, which obviously gave it a slight advantage in the windier conditions but it did also manage to keep up on the lighter days as well. The power is controlled very easily and can be switched on and off whenever required. It is extremely well balanced and this, combined with its compact shape, make it very easy to throw around and duck

The verdict
The Edge is a great all-round freestyle/wave sail, it is light, easy to handle, with plenty of power and a very good wind range. It will suit a very wide range of freestyle riders, from recreational rippers to pro’s, for use on either flat water or in the waves.


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