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Tushingham Rock 4.7 2012

Tushingham Rock 4.7

Stats Size (m2) 4.7 Luff (cm) 420 Boom (cm) 160 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 20 Price £385

The Rock has been around for a few years now and has earned a solid reputation amongst riders. It is Tushingham’s only wave sail range so it has been designed to be as adaptable and tuneable as possible.

At a glance
Last season the Rock received a completely new design make over and for 2012 it retains the same basic shape but has a few slight tweaks to improve performance. It has five battens and a compact shape. The build quality of the Tushingham is very good and it features X-ply re-enforcement throughout for added strength.

It rigs on a 400 mast and although it is compatible with either standard or RDM masts, an RDM is the recommended choice for best wave performance. We tested the sail with a Tushingham RD Wave 400. It has a massive tuning range so you really can’t go wrong and it can be adjusted to suit any conditions. For 2012 the leech design has been changed, so it opens up a lot more progressively, which has vastly improved its high wind performance.

On the water
The Rock has a very neutral feel and is super light in the hands. The foil is quite elastic and spongy, which means it can be pumped to good effect at the bottom end to help you get going earlier, this also makes the handling highly forgiving. The power feeds in very smoothly and the pull is perfectly balanced. The Rock gives you a lot of confidence on the wave or in manoeuvres thanks to its easy handling; it will never punish you, which allows you to push yourself that extra bit harder.

Summing up
A super reliable and easy to use wave sail, the Rock delivers in all conditions and does not disappoint. It is not quite as sharp as some of the other sails on test but this makes it far more forgiving and therefore highly suitable for a wide range of riders.


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