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Tushingham Rock 5.2 2012

Tushingham Rock 5.2

Stats Size (m2) 5.2 Luff (cm) 428 Boom (cm) 171 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 400/19 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 28 Price £389

The Rock is Tushingham’s wave sail line, rather than having a range of several different wave foils, Tushingham have designed the Rock to work in the widest range of conditions and for all levels of rider.

At a glance
The Rock was completely redesigned last year and for 2012 it remains visually the same but with a few slight tuning tweaks, most notable is the way the leech now twists off far more progressively for better control. The build quality is very high and it’s well re-enforced throughout, so should stand up to the usual punishment. There are five different colour options available for this year.

It can be rigged on either a standard or reduced diameter mast and this 5.2 fits on either a 400 or 430 mast. We tested it with a Tushingham RD wave 400, which is the mast that we would recommend. The Tushingham has a huge tuning range and you can’t really go far wrong however you rig it, you can tune it to suit any conditions and it still performed well even when not rigged perfectly for the conditions.

On the water
It feels light and very neutral, with a spongy foil that can be pumped easily to get going early.
It is the easiest sail to use and is super forgiving, which gives you a lot of confidence to push harder as it wont punish you if you don’t get things quite right. It is not quite as razor sharp as some of the other sails on test but it is super reliable and will never let you down or disappoint. The wind range on the water is much improved, especially at the top-end, where the sail deals with gusts far more efficiently than previous models.

Summing up
The Rock never disappoints, it is super reliable and well built, with performance that will suit a wide range of riders thanks to its easy to use and forgiving nature.

More on the Tushingham Rock 5.2 at www.tushingham.com

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