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Tushingham Storm 6.0 2012

Tushingham Storm 6.0

Stats Size (m2) 6.0 Luff (cm) 445 Boom (cm) 188 Battens 5 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 15 Price £415

The low-down
The Tushingham Storm has been around for many years and is a bit of a legend when it comes to high wind freeriding. It is billed as an all-round crossover sail.

At a glance
The Storm range was subject to a complete makeover last season and for 2012 it remains un-changed. The build quality is the usual standard and the sail has plenty of X-ply re-enforcement as well as a PVC crash window so it should last and stand up to some level of abuse.

It sets on a 430 mast and can be rigged on either a RDM or SDM. The characteristics of the sail can be tuned depending on which type of mast you use. For freeride, high speed blasting, go for an SDM or for bump and jump, freestyle or small waves you are better to go for an RDM. We tested the sail with a Tushingham 430 RDM Wave. It is an easy sail to rig with a wide tuning range that delivers great performance.

The Tushingham has a soft and neutral feel being light and balanced in the hands, with a smooth power delivery. The soft feel of the Storm means it is very responsive when being pumped. It is not the gruntiest sail but if you don’t mind pumping you will get going very early. Once you’re planning it is a very easy handling sail that reacts well in gusts and lulls to keep the rider in complete comfort. At the top end, it pulls constantly and can push some impressive top speeds. When it comes to manoeuvres, the easy controlled handling is superb.

The verdict
The Tushingham Storm never disappoints, it is a reliable and versatile high wind freeride sail that crosses over into a bit of freestyle or waves nicely. It is easy and forgiving that will suit many levels of rider.


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