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Vandal Addict 6.0 2012

Vandal Addict 6.0

Stats Size (m2) 6.0 Luff (cm) 449 Boom (cm) 191 Battens 6 Ideal Mast 430/21 IMCS Extension Req (cm) 19 Price £389

The Vandal Addict was heavily reworked last year and for 2012 it remains unchanged. It is a freeride sail that is designed with manoeuvrability in mind, for riders that want to throw down a few tricks as well as blasting around full throttle.

At a glance
This six batten sail has a full profile, with plenty of depth in the foil, it has a stepped leech shape and all the usual features, such as silicon batten end protectors and a heat pressed tack fairing. The Addict looks extremely well built, with plenty of re-enforcements, where they are needed, so it should last.

It is very easy to rig and has a good tuning range, however the rigging measurements are printed on the inside of the luff tube at the boom cut-out which isn’t the most convenient but not too much of an issue once you’ve found them. It sets on a 430 RDM and we tested the sail with a Vandal Flux Pro 100% carbon mast.

The Addict feels perfectly balanced in the hands, with a powerful but neutral pull that drives you forwards at speed. It is a very solid foil that has a playful and throw about nature. The natural wind range is really wide, giving plenty of power in the lulls and control in the gusts. It has good low-end grunt and once you are fully powered, the top end pretty much knows no limits. This is a rewarding sail and the harder you push it, the more performance you’ll get from it on the straights but it is also manoeuvre orientated, so round the corners, you can really throw it around, either in fast gybes or a bit of freestyle, it makes all manoeuvres feel easy.

The verdict
The Vandal Addict is a well-priced and powerful crossover sail that delivers high performance and manoeuvrability. Suitable for any level of rider that wants to mix up fast straight line blasting, powerful carves or a bit of freestyle.


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