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Witchcraft Wave 77 2012 action

Witchcraft Wave 77 V3.0 HD 2012

Stats Volume (L) 77 Weight (Kg) 6.8 Length (cm) 223 Width (cm) 55.5 Construction HD Fin 1x 14cm + 2x 12.5cm Witchcraft Price £1699


Witchcraft are a custom board maker from Fuerteventura who specialise in durable wave boards and, in particular, thrusters fin set up’s. The Wave v3.0 is their hardcore wave line and is available in 13 different sizes ranging from 63 up to 104 litres.

At a glance
It is the shortest board in the test and it also has a very individual shape, with a fairly wide chunky nose and pintail but the biggest differences are underneath, in the nose the hull shape is dome shaped which then turns into single concave as you move back down the board until it is flat in the tail. It is also the lightest board, by some margin, despite being in HD construction. The tri fin set up consists of a single US Box 14cm centre fin in the back, with two 12.5cm asymmetric side fins. On the deck it has a short mast track, decent footpads and chunky Pro Limit footstraps.

On the water
It feels very compact under foot, with its short nose but does feel a bit on the small side for a 77 litre board. When powered up nicely it accelerates quickly and smoothly and likes to be powered up. At the top end it is a quick board, which makes it great for blasting out in rough conditions, jumping and it also has good up-wind performance. On the wave it has a versatile carving style and it is able to hold its speed incredibly well through the turns. The fins grip firmly and securely through the bottom turn, allowing you to drive hard at the lip with speed. It loves to boost out the top or slash a tight cut-back.

Summing up
Amazing all-round performance from a tri fin that will suit a huge range of radical riding styles and also abilities. The 77 maybe a bit on the small side for larger riders but there are plenty of bigger sizes to choose from.

For more information on the

Witchcraft Wave 77 V3.0 HD 2012

go to www.witchcraft.nu

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