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French big wave guru and expert storm chaser, Thomas Traversa has sent us over a few items he would like to tick off his windsurfing and personal Bucket List!

Photos: John Carter

WAVES: Jeffrey’s bay. We went there with Alex Mussolini and Francisco Porcella in 2008 and did not get the right conditions to windsurf but I know it gets perfect cross off winds with a big swell once in a while and that would be an amazing experience, I am sure, to be able to ride a couple of waves there!

TRAVEL: Australia for sure. I planned to go there for two months with (my then girlfriend) Sophia in 2012, we had our tickets and camper van organized! Two weeks prior to that trip I went to Fuerteventura and broke my foot so we had to cancel everything, but I know it is a country I would love to go, so much space, nice waves and honest people!

MOVES: I would love to do a stalled double forward one day! I did one when I was 14, in my dreams, and since then I never got good enough at double loops to go for a stalled one, but I still have hope!

AMBITIONS: I would love to win a ‘big wave’ world tour but this is not existing in windsurfing!

OTHER STUFF: Maybe go on a walking trip for weeks or months and explore countries that way. Or go on a retreat in the nature and not see or talk to anyone for a while! Writing a book is something I would be happy to try, I mean, writing a good book, because writing something is not hard in itself! The hard part is to make it interesting to read!



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