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TIMO MULLEN – “Each year I make the ‘hard’ decision to leave the UK and Ireland in October to go the outer reaches of the Western Australian desert to score some wind and surf in the warm Indian Ocean waters. This year we scored one massive swell and a few medium sized days, even on the really small days in-between you can still sail all day. I combine the trip each year with a chance to meet up with Severne Sails crew in Perth and catch up with all the new developments from their R&D department and obviously try it all out on the water! I was mainly using my off the shelf Nano 83 and a 91L Quad Prototype called the ‘Mako’, I also picked up a 101L version of the 91L which worked so good!! The bright orange sail I am using is a prototype made for Philip Koster to try but I managed to sneak it into the van to try out, that was pretty mind blowing to use as it was a 5.0m and I was moving around faster than guys on 5.7’s! Hope you enjoy the video and the Goitafest!!”

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