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Federico Morisio: “I’m really excited to release this new video about pure freeriding in a legendary chilean lake up North the coast where the wind blows constant and warm all day long! Besides being also a project with the Hotel Puclaro and Windsurfing Chile Shop to promote the wonderful location, in this video I really wanted to focus on freeriding and show what windsurfing is about, also to someone that never tried it before! I think it’s great to remind why we all fell in love with this awesome sport: its sense of pure freedom, joy and adrenaline!”

“Check out my GIVEAWAY where you can win 4 days of stay at the Hotel and equipment rent for free, for 2 persons, on my last Instagram post on my account:
https://www.instagram.com/p/BtOoStVHToj/ ”

“I want to thank Hotel Puclaro for the wonderful hospitality, AMKAWAY for filming and Windsurfing Chile for making this possible!
Hope you enjoy it and get motivated to go windsurf!”

Via Federico Morisio

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