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A fantastic beach that stretches all the way to Putsborough in the South. Woolacombe faces slightly North West so S-SW winds produce great down the line wave sailing. In NE winds it’s also excellent with a fast cross cross-off shore wave. It is not very good towards high tide as the wind gets sheltered by the big sand dunes and hills behind. There are 3 different places to park and it depends on how busy it is in the water as to which is easier to park in. Each parking spot has a good rigging area but they do differ as to the distance too the water. It has a great atmosphere and good food in the Red Barn pub!

Getting there: Follow the signposts from Croyde. Very narrow lanes!

Parking: Pay & Display

Ideal Wind: S-SW and N-NE

Accommodation: Camping / caravan site

Amenities: Toilets and beach cafe

Suitable for: Intermediates and above

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