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Don’t get lumbered with unwanted socks, bottles of sherry or bath salts this Christmas; get yourself ahead of the game and just shove this windsurf-friendly gift list in the direction of your loved ones, smile and say please – Christmas sorted! Now where’s the sherry?


Flymount have your Christmas selfies sorted – “Our new Aero-40 mount for windsurf rigs is now available. The Aero-40 incorporates our patent pending one-handle-design tightening system, making it extremely strong, compact and lightweight. Compared to our original mount, the Aero-40 attaches centrally on a mast, to capture both tacks, and its symmetrical design is largely hidden when using a 360 degree camera. As with all Flymounts, the Aero-40 is manufactured in small numbers here in England using glass reinforced nylon and stainless steel 316 to keep your camera in place whatever conditions you use it in. Weight: 96g.”

RRP: £65


2XS bring the festive cheer  “We have a cool range of new organic tee’s, trucker caps and winter hoodies. All on the 2XS website www.2xs.co.uk. Amongst the clothing we have stacks of hardware – warm wetsuits, gloves from Ion, booties from Atan, harnesses from Dakine. If you need any expert advice on purchasing your next piece of windsurfing or wing foiling equipment we have extensive experience in both, and if you cant decide we have vouchers for lessons and gear.”



All-In to keep you snug – “Our vision has been clear from the start: to bring comfort to watermen at any time of the year. The ‘Storm Poncho’ is the poncho for extreme conditions, as used by our team rider Thomas Traversa. Its features include waterproof and windproof 100% recycled ripstop exterior, 100% recycled sherpa interior, a waterproof central pocket and ‘kangaroo’ pockets for the hands, adjustable closures at the end of the sleeves and lycra gussets at the wrists, all zippers are waterproof, adjustable 3D tightening hood and nose protector. Two sizes available: adult (1.55 to 1.90 metres) and junior (1.20 to 1.55 metres).”

RRP €169.95 Euro


Keep your board safe this Christmas with Surfbent – “If you want to prevent your beloved board from getting damaged and avoid annoying repairs, the new Surfbent Windsurf board Protector (wbp) can help. The Surfbent wbp is made of a tough plastic material that attaches directly to the base of your mast and reduces the energy of the impact via the powerjoint or chord (energy reduction through deformation), so that damage to the nose is reduced or avoided. The mastfoot can be completely shifted in the mast track, so that sail and board can be trimmed optimally. Surfbent wbp is available in four colours, weighs approx. 340g, and can be mounted on any board with a mastfoot up to 122 mm diameter. Also available for Starboard iQFoil 95 & 85 boards.”

RRP €68 Euro


Christmas reading from the Tricktionary crew – “The perfect present, ideal for every windsurfer is our very popular coffee table instructional windsurfing book, the new TRICKTIONARY 3. With 480 pages (188 pages more than Tricktionary 2) in 7 main categories, it never gets boring! Includes light wind freestyle as well as focus moves such as the fast tack, power jibe, 360 and chop hop, as well as wave basics, latest power moves and a slalom chapter. The book also works perfectly hand in hand with the fully renewed Windsurfing Tricktionary app!”

RRP from €49.90


Fill the stocking style with LiP Sunglasses – “ We have expanded our Surge and Typhoon watershades’ options in the lead up to the holiday season. For the boys, a new stealthy Matt Black Surge, with aquamarine rubber padding and Chroma smoke lenses, and for the ladies, a Gloss Transparent Typhoon with pink rubber padding and ZEISS Rose Gold lenses.

For both of these items over the holiday period, LiP are offering a complimentary beanie to help fill out your stocking – while stocks last.”

Surge SKU 2747: USD: $105
Typhoon SKU 2792: USD: $238


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