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Windsurf catch up with the young and talented Polish rider Adam Warchol who found himself out in Maui when the Covid pandemic hit! Luckily water sports were allowed through the whole crises so he was lucky enough to score amazing conditions in Maui!

Photos: PWA / Carter.

WS: What have you been up to over the past few months?

AW: I’m in Maui since the middle of January and during all this time I’ve been Windsurfing and surfing a lot, enjoying every day in this incredible and magical place. The waves here in Maui are incredible, almost non-stop and the natural environment is just wonderful.

WS: Why did you go to Maui?

AW: I always dreamed about going to Maui. My original plan was to start studying Oceanography at the University of Las Palmas (Gran Canaria). But I felt like this year after finishing high school and before starting University, was the only opportunity for me to go to Maui for a longer time. After talking with my parents about this, we both agreed that this is a great opportunity for me.

WS: Are you stuck there, or did you choose to stay?

AW: I was planned to stay In Maui until the end of May and then go to the Canaries and prepare for the first PWA stop in Pozo. But after all this crazy situation around the world due to the COVID-19 everything went upside down. I was very lucky to be, during all that time, here in Maui, where going to the water was still allowed. For the moment, I don’t know what’s next, everything depends on how all this situation regarding the Pandemic will develop.

WS: Where are you from and where did you learn to sail?

AW: I was born in Warsaw (Poland). At the age of six, I moved to Tarifa, Spain along with my parents. I learned windsurfing there when I was 12. All this time since, I was windsurfing and surfing in Tarifa

WS: What do you love about windsurfing?

AW: I love riding waves, their potency and beauty and the way that wave-riding gives you connectivity with nature and its surroundings. I really love that feeling of the adrenaline rush while riding big waves, whether surfing or windsurfing and also the fact that in windsurfing you can have your free own style of riding, it doesn’t matter if is freestyle or wave riding.

WS: How do you like being on the Goya team and Quatro and what gear do you ride?

AW: I’m very happy and grateful to be part of such an amazing team full of great relationships and dedication. I ride Goya sails and Quatro boards, sails between 3.4m and 4.5m. The sail I use the most here is probably 3.7m, and, for the boards, I ride Pyramid production 77l and 82l. Sometimes I do some freestyle as well but usually when it is flat and no wave conditions!

WS: What are your plans without any events this season?

AW: Keep sailing, surfing, training, enjoying life and studying.

WS: What was your best session in Maui?

AW: Is hard to say, as I had a lot of good sessions here whether windsurfing, surfing or both. Every day here is different and wonderful, bringing something new. I loved for sure the wave-riding days in the South Side of the Island, where the surf and windsurf was just perfect!

WS: Did you learn a lot from the Pro sailors out in Maui?

AW: Definitely sailing in such an amazing place surrounded by the best wave riders in the world is awesome and makes you push harder. I’m really happy to have met some of the legends here as well.

WS: What inspires you?

AW: Learning, creativity and all the mysteries hidden in this world.

WS: Who were your windsurfing heroes and why?

AW: One of my all-time favourites wave riders was always Jason Polakow, who I actually had the pleasure to meet here in Maui. I loved his extreme side of searching for that adrenaline rush all the time.

WS: What is your ambition in windsurfing?

AW: Riding the biggest and heaviest waves around the world, chasing storms and having my own style of riding. And of course, becoming a World Champion in wave discipline!


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