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Avon Beach is next to Christchurch Harbour. The sand banks just off the beach move around constantly and suck dry at low tide. They throw up waves up to three quarters mast high but 4 – 5 feet is more common. A SE facing beach it works in SW, S and E but it’s best in WSW (slightly offshore), which cleans up the waves. When the waves aren’t too big it’s a great blasting area in SW winds. The Solent’s double high tide works here. Although a beach for intermediates and above, beginners can also sail here provided they take advice on the conditions and be aware of the fact that there’s a tidal current running parallel to the beach. There is a café run by RNLI staff and they keep a look out for anyone in trouble.

Parking: Payable car park close to beach

Ideal Wind: WSW for waves, SW for slalom

Accomodation: In town

Suitable for: Intermediates and above

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