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Whitstable offers a wide variety of conditions in many wind directions and states of the tide. Launch from the beach to the left of the harbour. Whitstable is ideal in SW to NW and NE to SE. One and a half hours either side of low tide a perfect flat-water area is exposed on the beach. Called ‘The Street’ it has been used as a speed strip and it’s also ideal for beginners in lighter winds as they’re prevented from drifting out to sea by the sand bank. Sailing is also possible further W at Keynes Yard – especially if the wind is SW. Whitstable Watersports (Tel: 01227 275666) next to the beach is the local retailer. There’s a full range of equipment, wet and dry clothing and runs its own wind and tide website which is updated every half hour.

Getting there: Head NW from Canterbury on the A290

Parking: On seafront club

Ideal Wind: Anything with E or W in it

Accomodation: Plenty in town

Amenities: Full

Suitable for: All abilities

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