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At high tide Brighton’s shingle beach can trash the best sailors equipment – the PWA World Cup was held here a few years back and many an international windsurfer was caught out by the shore dump. At lower tides the going is easier but in no way can this be regarded as a beginners beach – the sea state can be just too challenging. Prevailing SW winds are cross on but you can sail here in anything from E to W. The competition site was between Brighton’s two piers but conditions are less awesome slightly west. Avoid high tides. Draft proposals to zone the beaches for bathers are before the city council and this will create bathing only areas from which windsurfing is banned between May and September. However the revised proposals are nowhere near as draconian as first planned and the area east of the Marina to Saltdean is only slightly affected. There is a sailing club based between the piers but is limited to dinghies and catamarans.

Getting there:

Parking: Along the sea road plus a number of car parks nearby

Ideal Wind: E to W (Not during high tides)

Accomodation: Plenty around

Amenities: Everything to excess

Water Quality:

Suitable for: Intermediates

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