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Take Your Riding to the Next Level!

Category: Wave Ultra Light


Refined and optimized for maximum performance in all conditions

New size – 3.7

Adjusted draft position depending on size for maximum control and wind range

Ultra light feeling not only on the scales but also in the hand

Maximum durability with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY

In SS23, we gave you the wave sail of our dreams.

We imagined a World where restrictions in sail design and construction would cease to exist and pursued this dream to unlock the freedom to create a sail unlike anything before. We wanted:

Maximum control and wind range

Ultralight weight in your hands

A sustainable sail without any sacrifices in durability/longevity

For SS24, we have refined and optimised the SUPER_HERO SLS to include a new size – 3.7 for those epic windy sessions. Afterall, with the wave sail of our dreams there should be no compromises, even when the wind strength increases!

The SUPER_HERO SLS gives you the freedom to ride with your style. A direct connection to your sail, thanks to the lightning-fast reflex reaction of our new fusion technology. Be careful though that your sail does not think faster than you do now!

Sail designing consists of 3 factors: the SAIL SHAPING, the TECHNOLOGY and the MATERIALS used to convert that shaping into a physical product.

Initially we focussed on the SAIL SHAPING concept.

This shaping concept is the culmination of over a decade of development with both the SUPER_HERO and the SUPER_STAR – combining the best aspects of both sails. Because we are fulfilling all our windsurfing wishes, we designed a size-specific draft location. Just think about your own experiences. The smaller the sail gets, the more important control becomes. Conversely, the bigger the sail, the more important planing performance and light weight feeling become. Therefore, the smaller sizes up to 4.5 have a low and centred draft position, similar to the regular SUPER_HERO, which gives you maximum control and neutrality, especially when conditions get rough. However, from sizes 5.0 and bigger, the draft position gets gradually shifted slightly up and forward from size to size. Thus, the 5.7 ended up with a draft position quite similar to that of the SUPER_STAR. The higher draft lifts the board, improving planing performance. It also makes the sail feel even lighter in your hands, which is especially important to compensate for the increased physical weight that larger sails come with.

Once the concept was decided, the next step was finding a suitable TECHNOLOGY for this ultimate wave sail.

With the brand new MONOCOQUE FUSION BODY we were finally able to eliminate all stitched body panels.

Compared to the stitched SUPER_STAR SLS, this leads to the following advantages:

  • Additional weight reduction of 150-200g
  • The whole sail works as one unit, as any kind of “play” between the panels is eliminated. This results in a more efficient sail (= bigger wind range) and a more responsive/reactive sail (= lighter in your hands)
  • Stronger: machine tear tests prove that the thickest monofilms and even Dyneema or Kevlar reinforced laminates tear before the fusion bonding gives up.

The final step was then to define the MATERIALS.

Fortunately, with the SUPER_STAR SLS we had already found the ultimate material mix. Cause with this sail we solved 2 issues you get with all other ultralight sails:

Ultralight without becoming spongy. Technora/Dyneema and Kevlar have a high tear strength but are not very stiff (only similar stiffness to Polyester). Therefore, if being reduced in thickness to save weight (membrane and laminated or composite sails), these sails tend to become quite spongy and dull to ride. This sponginess results in a less efficient sail with a reduced wind range (especially when overpowered). Also, a spongy sail feels heavier in your hands (= sailing weight) “eating up” much of the physical weight advantage. Carbon, on the other hand, is approx. 3-4 times as stiff as Technora/Dyneema and Kevlar. Using our INTELLIGENT CARBON XPLY CONSTRUCTION we have found the ideal balance. CARBON XPLY in the high load clew, top and tack area guarantees unsurpassed low stretch and power transmission. However, the slightly more (re)flexing regular XPly in the body avoids the power from becoming uncontrollable.

Ultralight without any sacrifice on durability. Also, less body skin thickness automatically reduces wear resistance and longevity in general. No matter which high-tech materials you use, reducing the thickness will always either result in a spongy and/or less durable product. These are the reasons why reducing the weight the easy way by just reducing the skin thickness has never been an option for us – because all our products are designed and engineered according to our motto “LIGHT DONE RIGHT”. We back this up with our unique 5 YEAR WARRANTY, something no other brand is able to offer.

Combining all these advantages has never been achieved before. Using the SUPER_HERO SLS for the first time it feels as if your body becomes united with the sail and you are truly connected with the waves. The lightning quick reflex reactions without any sacrifice in control is a real game changer, so much so, none of our Pro Team is using anything else than the SUPER_HERO SLS.


Spongy: only absorbs the power with less forward motion and feels dull and heavy in your hands

Reflexive: acts more like a valve – it “feathers” out and then springs back to generate direct forward motion


With our commercial product we always need to find a compromise between affordable prices and best possible performance plus durability/longevity. The motto for all SLS products though is quite selfish as we design these products purely to satisfy our own top end demands. It means we do not limit ourselves by setting target prices, and we can indulge in the highest performing products possible. But since nobody likes swimming, durability even in these products must never be sacrificed.

Perfect Match: Grip 4 SLS / Grip 3 SLS


MONOCOQUE FUSION BODY CONSTRUCTION – no more stitched body panels creates a 150-200g weight saving. All “play” between the panels is eliminated and the fused connection even stronger than any monofilm or x-ply material

LOWEST DYNAMIC WEIGHT – there is no sail that feels lighter in your hands than the SUPER_HERO SLS!

INTELLIGENT CARBON X-PLY CONSTRUCTION – carbon x-ply in the high load clew and top area guarantees unsurpassed low stretch and power transmission. However, the slightly more (re)flexing regular x-ply in the body avoids the power from becoming uncontrollable.

XPLY PLUS – laminate (100/150 micron) with the lowest stretch and best UV- and puncture resistance on the market

SUPER-LIGHT BUMPER – the lightest protector on the market, with integrated downhaul trim indicator slot

EPOXY BATTENS – unbreakable epoxy battens

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