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Duotone have just released their new 2024 Skate SLS and Idol LTD, The combo that takes your freestyle sailing to the next level! Check below for all the details.





The lightest yet most competitive freestyle sail out there!

Maximum lift

Technically unchanged for SS24

Light – lighter – a radically lightweight sail.

The IDOL LTD is the completely personalised pro model of Freestyle World Champion Adrien Bosson. Boasting incredible handling characteristics, the sail was created by designer Kai Hopf, implementing all the desires of the rider himself. The result is the most highly developed and extreme freestyle sails that we have ever manufactured. All sizes are sensationally lightweight because the innovative and high-tech laminate ODL and the 100-micron ULTRA FILM were used instead of the usual XPLY material. These materials are 50% lighter than previous sail cloths, which makes the IDOL LTD weigh about as much as a 1.5 m2 smaller SUPER_HERO (e.g. 4.8 and 3.4).

The IDOL LTD can do everything a freestyler needs it to. In addition to its absolutely neutral handling, it gives no unwanted feedback and is incredibly lightweight in your hands, leaving you free to concentrate fully on your moves and manoeuvres. You’d think you were turning without your sail, since the IDOL LTD rotates incredibly fast through all tricks and is completely balanced in the wind during duck moves. The extremely high clew and the short boom length make ducking manoeuvres so fast that almost no speed is lost. Not only will the IDOL LTD boost your success rate for difficult manoeuvres, it will also make it a lot more fun to meet new challenges. New, virtually unbreakable battens are used, which can easily handle even the roughest wipe outs.

Simply awesome: when used for foiling the IDOL LTD features a special clew eyelet to be able to position the sail even more upright!

Important: Although this is something other manufacturers are reluctant to mention, achieving the lowest weight can only be achieved by reducing the thickness of materials. Because the thickness of the ODL yacht laminate was kept to a minimum, the material’s UV stability is limited. As a result, this sail is not subject to the DUOTONE 2+3 YEAR WARRANTY.


VTS TAIL outhaul specs: each sail carries individually defined indications for the correct outhaul extension.

CONVEX DACRON LUFF-PANEL: Maximum elasticity without distortion of the battens enables maximum lift for all jumps from lee position.

HOLLOW LOWER LEECH with additional MINI BATTEN: This stabilizes the profile above the boom and prevents leech flutter.

The additional RADIAL LOAD STRIPES in the clew improve profile stability and extend the wind range.

With the use of the finest high-tech materials (ODL laminates, 100-micron ULTRA FILM) this is our MOST LIGHTWEIGHT FREESTYLE SAIL ever.

An extra-high clew and short boom enable the quickest diving manoeuvres without loss of speed.

iROCKET 2.0: Factory calibrated individual batten tensions using a torque wrench

IDOL LTD 2023 ᐅ freestyle competition sail | DUOTONE Windsurfing (duotonesports.com)


The SKATE has shaped the past, present and future of modern freestyle competition. A special focus has gone into the 91-litre size as it’s the go-to size for our team riders in most conditions. With a compact length of only 216cm and a finely tuned tail shape for fastest acceleration and a livelier and quicker reaction, the 91l version is the most compact and radical freestyle board we’ve ever made.

The SKATE SLS delivers explosive acceleration and top speed, leading to massive pop for dizzying spins and rotations. The compact shape ensures you can land the move in complete control, ready to turn or pop again. The flat nose is ideal for sliding tricks, while the full tail ensures you maintain your speed even switch stance or during lulls. Shaped for zero compromise, the SKATE SLS will take your riding to the next level, no matter what your goals are. Rotate, slide, rinse & repeat – the water is your skatepark.

The SKATE SLS is available in our unique Premium Sandwich Technology – STRONG-LIGHT-SUPERIOR, our no compromise construction with guaranteed optimum performance. It also features a foil force approved Power Box for maximum durability.

­Foil force approved Power Box for maximum durability.

Perfect Sail Match: IDOL LTD


Outline: Ultra compact and with less nose area for reduced swing weight and even faster rotations for double or even triple moves/rotations

Rail shape: Soft nose rails for smooth transition into sliding moves

Deck shape: Flat deck shape results in a more stable/balanced stance to help complete even the most radical tricks

Bottom shape: Power V bottom shape for constant control and easy sliding

Rockerline: Fast and efficient rocker for maximum acceleration and to keep you powered into every move

Skate SLS & Idol Ltd 2024 (duotonesports.com)

DUOTONE ᐅ True Kiteboarding. True Windsurfing. Wing & Foiling. (duotonesports.com)

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