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The Verdict

To encapsulate, the Phantasm isn’t just another foil in the market; it’s arguably one of the most manoeuvrable foils available. Whether you’re weaving through calm waters at a leisurely pace, or racing against the wind, the Phantasm promises an experience that’s both exciting and freeing.

The Lowdown

In the realm of foiling, the Phantasm is carving its niche, boasting an impeccable design that not only enhances performance but also ensures unparalleled durability and stability.

Starting with the heart of the Phantasm – the Carbon Wide V2 mast. It’s evident that there was a clear vision during its creation; a desire for a robust mast that can endure the high torque from expansive boards and hefty foil wings. Simultaneously, it aims to provide a footplate connection to the fuselage that resonates with confidence and reinforces overall rigidity. A meticulous blend of unidirectional and premium 12K super-high-modulus pre-preg carbon is used in crafting each mast, guaranteeing optimal precision and performance.

Moreover, the Phantasm isn’t shy of flaunting its supremacy with the Bigfoot Connection. This mast-to-foil connection surpasses its competitors, being over 50% larger and sealing its reputation as one of the most formidable in the industry. Couple this with an extra-large pedestal base, and you get an unshakeable connection to your board. The wide-body masts further offer remarkable adjustability with four holes in the front and 3 in the back, adding versatility in the positioning of the foil in the board.

Now, shifting focus to the G Series front wings. Available in sizes 1000, 900, and 800, they’re strategically designed to optimise glide. As the sizes diminish, the manoeuvrability increases, ensuring a size for every rider’s preference. The wings are medium aspect and display a noticeable downward curve from the centre to the tips.

Lastly, the Phantasm Stabilizer 400mm V1 (280cm2) deserves a spotlight. It is Slingshot’s best all-around shimless stabiliser that seamlessly integrates across all sports categories. Perfectly harmonised for use with any Phantasm front wing or fuselage, it ensures a balanced and smooth experience.

Slingshot sell the Phantasm as a ‘lower package’ – which is the Phantasm G 900 front wing, 872 fuselage, PS 400 stabilizer, hardware (316 stainless steel torx), neoprene wing covers, and a carrying case, with the Phantasm carbon mast sold as a separate package, with mast, padded mast cover, pedestal, phantasm fuse adapter, and hardware (316 stainless steel torx) included.

Brand Claim

“Lightweight and incredibly stiff, our Phantasm line of carbon-fibre foils deliver an otherworldly level of efficiency and performance”


Right from the start, the Phantasm’s innate ability to generate lift shines through. It’s eager and keen to foil at remarkably low speeds, giving the rider a feeling of almost immediate levitation. This capability is further highlighted by its incredibly low foiling threshold. The real marvel here is how you can almost defy the rules – you can slow down considerably during turns, yet the Phantasm ensures there’s enough lift to keep you foiling. It’s like having a safety net underneath, ensuring that you remain airborne even during the most daring manoeuvres.

When we talk about its manoeuvrability, “impressive” seems an understatement. The Phantasm boasts a super manoeuvrable nature, making sharp turns and swift moves feel like second nature. Adding to this delight is its playful demeanour, especially evident at lower speeds. It’s akin to dancing on water – spontaneous, joyful, and utterly freeing.

Yet, as the speeds start to climb, the Phantasm undergoes a transformation. From its whimsical, playful character, it metamorphoses into a focused, determined entity. At high speeds, it offers a more locked-in feel, providing the rider with the confidence to push the boundaries.

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Vital Stats

Price: Lower package (front wing, tail, fuselage) €1300; masts start at €1800.

Head: Plate mount

Mast Length: 103.0 cm

Mast Material: Carbon

Fuselage Length: 87.2 cm

Fuselage Material: Carbon

Front Wing Span: 90 cm

Front Wing Chord: 17.6 cm

Front Wing Area (Quoted): 900 cm²

Tail Wing Span: 40 cm

Tail Wing Area (Quoted): 280 cm²

Wing Material: Carbon


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Fanatic Aero Free Range Carbon WS 1000

MFC Helios 1250 Windsurf Pro Pack

Severne RedWing 1400

Simmer Blackbird SL 920

Starboard Freeride Evolution 1100




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