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The Verdict

Possibly one of the most devoted freeride windsurf foils on the market, Starboard’s Freeride Evolution makes every aspect of foil windsurfing accessible. From getting going, gybes, and even cruising, this foil is the perfect guide to help you level up your game.

The Lowdown

Sitting between the SuperCruiser and the freerace GTR, the Freeride Evolution is Starboard’s take for those seeking stability and performance in a single package. Constructed from robust carbon, the Freeride Evolution features a front wing of 1100 cm2 and a tail wing of 500 cm2. The foil’s front wing is a mid to low-aspect foil and sits relatively far forward in relation to the mast. The most noticeable feature of the Freeride is its tail wing, which is fairly large compared to other foils on the market. This hints that it will be extremely stable in flight. The 95 Evolution fuselage and the 85 cm Aluminum V5 mast provide rigidity and responsiveness. The leading and trailing edge of the Freeride’s mast is noticeably sharp, suggesting this foil will also be efficient through the water. As you look towards the foot of the mast, the connection between the fuselage and the mast cap is held tight by two side screws and three top screws, reducing any potential movement in the fittings. For riders seeking to boost their light wind performance or to accommodate a heavier rider, the Freeride Evolution is also available with a larger 1500 cm2 front wing. This enhanced surface area retains the performance-orientated design of its smaller counterpart, while extending the foil’s light wind range. An extremely useful feature of all of Starboard’s windsurfing foils is their shimming ability. The foil comes with a range of shims for the tail wing, allowing riders to choose between more or less lift, to find the perfect balance to suit their riding style.

Brand Claim

“The most stable performance foil, sitting squarely between the SuperCruiser and the freerace GTR. It’s the foil people are raving about, for how easy it makes high-speed, fast-exit, full-flight foil gybes.”


Upon getting going, the Freeride Evolution generates an easily useable lift, allowing riders to get up on the foil quickly. Its low foiling threshold ensures it foils early, even in lighter wind conditions, making it ideal for those looking to maximise their time on the water.

The tail wing on the Freeride Evolution provides incredible stability, giving riders a sense of confidence and control. When set on a high shim, the foil feels front-footed, allowing riders to easily sail at high and low angles in relation to the wind. For those who prefer a more back-footed feel, change out the shim for a lower angle, and you’ll find the perfect balance for your riding style.

One of the standout features of the Freeride Evolution is its impressively steady ride height. Regardless of changes in pressure or wind conditions, the foil maintains a consistent height, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride throughout.

When it comes to manoeuvrability, the Freeride Evolution truly shines. The tail wing’s stability is especially welcomed during gybes, making riders feel like an expert co-pilot through the turn’s midpoint. On the exit of gybes, the foil responds exceptionally well to some back-foot drive, encouraging the board out of the turn and allowing for seamless transitions.

Website: starboardfoils.com

Vital Stats



Price: £1149.00

Head: Deep Tuttle

Mast Length: 85.0 cm

Mast Material: Aluminium

Fuselage Length: 95.0 cm

Fuselage Material: Aluminium

Front Wing Span: 80 cm

Front Wing Chord: 17 cm

Front Wing Area (Quoted): 1100 cm²

Tail Wing Span: 66 cm

Tail Wing Area (Quoted): 500 cm²

Wing Material: Carbon

Weight: 5.3 kg


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