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The Verdict

Stable and extremely user-friendly, the RedWing is the perfect teacher for riders looking to learn how to get comfortable on the foil and gybe well. That said, after the foil’s gentle acceleration, it truly has some high-speed potential.

The Lowdown

Severne’s RedWing is aluminium windsurf foil produced in Severne’s flagship red colour, focusing on simplicity, safety, and reliability. The RedWing foil boasts a 900 mm mast, 950 mm fuselage, 1400 cm2 front wing, and 350 cm2 tail wing. The 900 mm mast aims to reduce touchdowns and breaches, while providing enough height to clear chop and ride with confidence.

Safety is paramount in the RedWing design, featuring rounded, downward-curved wingtips to protect feet. Simplicity is also key with RedWing foils, as rigging has never been more straightforward. With minimal bolts and only two types – short for wings and long for masts – assembly is a breeze. A single 5 mm hex key is all that is needed for the entire setup, further streamlining the process. The fin bolts used in the foil fit perfectly in Severne’s foil boards, however they may be too big for some of the other boards on the market.

RedWing’s design emphasises rigidity and reliability. The mast’s geometry, with a thickness of 19 mm and a width of 145 mm, maximises stiffness, and a spigot on the fuselage locks into the vertical section for added stability. The wing itself use’s Severne’s DARKWEB technology, which is an internal carbon frame for increased stiffness with minimal weight, and the all-round 1400 wing has a profile that balances stability, forgiveness, and speed. The RedWing is also customisable with an 1800 cm2 or 1000 cm2 front wing, a 250 cm2 stab and a 1050 mm or 750 mm mast, as well as an 85 cm fuse, all available as extras. The versatility in set-up on offer here ensures all riders can find the perfect setting for their preferred wind range or riding style.

Brand Claim

“Our foil equipment has been designed to get people up and flying easily, safely and with as much fun as possible.”


As you begin to build speed with the RedWing, the gradual acceleration is one of its most impressive attributes. Rather than being jarringly fast as it picks up speed, it smoothly builds up to top speeds, allowing riders to glide through the motions gracefully. This unique attribute creates a heightened sense of control as one becomes attuned to the board’s every nuance.

Key to the RedWing’s stability is its lengthy fuselage, which ensures a consistent ride height. In conjunction with the relatively low aspect front wing, the foil’s stability is further enhanced, remaining in control on both straights and through turns. This dynamic duo creates an incredible sense of balance in the foil.

Where the RedWing truly excels however, is in its ability to foil at low speeds. Thanks to its low foiling threshold, the foil demonstrates remarkable forgiveness when getting started and executing turns. This means that even novice riders can confidently tackle more challenging manoeuvres.

The gybe, a vital aspect of windsurfing, showcases the RedWing’s stability in full force. The foil’s forgiving nature allows ample time for foot changes while effortlessly maintaining ride height. This makes mastering the gybe a breeze for riders of all abilities.

In conclusion, the Severne RedWing’s incredible stability and gradual acceleration have made it a strong contender in this test.

Website: severnesails.com



Vital Stats

PRICE: £949.00

Head: Deep Tuttle

Mast Length: 90.0 cm

Mast Material: Aluminium

Fuselage Length: 95.0 cm

Fuselage Material: Aluminium

Front Wing Span: 76.0 cm

Front Wing Chord: 25.0 cm

Front Wing Area (Quoted): 1400 cm²

Tail Wing Span: 48.0 cm

Tail Wing Area (Quoted): 350 cm²

Wing Material: Composite

Weight: 5.1 kg


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