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The Verdict

A user-friendly foil that will be familiar to many windsurfers out there. Extremely easy to get going and a familiar friend in the gybes, the F-1080 will be sure to help any riders take their foiling to the next level.

The Lowdown

AFS Windfoils are French-made, full-carbon foils, with the foil on test taken from their Program F range, which caters to a freeride audience, but they also have a performance/race range as well.

Crafted with pre-preg carbon, these foils are both lightweight and rigid. The pre-preg manufacturing process guarantees a flawless epoxy-to-carbon ratio, representing the highest standard of quality. Laser-cut and assembled in stacks, the carbon fibres are then strategically positioned within a high-temperature mould, which is said to result in high standards of strength and durability.

From mould machining to shipping, the entire production process takes place in-house at AFS’s French facility. This level of control allows the brand to guarantee the quality and finish of each foil. The foil on test here combines an 85 cm mast with a 1080cm² front wing (though a smaller F-770 front wing is also available). This is a foil that is designed for heavier riders or those looking to increase their wind range. The components of the foil are interchangeable with many of AFS’s other foil products, allowing riders to adapt their foil for their preferred wind conditions or style. However, the most notable feature of the AFS is the bonded mast and fuselage, minimising connections and weight whilst ensuring maximum rigidity between the mast and wing set.

AFS have worked hard on reducing the weight of their latest model by up to 0.5 kg, as well as refining the mast, and AFS say the new designs offer a noticeable upgrade in performance to their popular predecessors.

Brand Claim

Ideal for learning, but with high performance, this foil will accompany you from your beginnings to long freerides with maximum sensations for many years to come.


Boasting a surface area of 1080 cm² and a medium-to-low aspect profile, this innovative design produces lift at an early stage while retaining speed and efficiency. A genuine game-changer for optimising less-than-ideal conditions, it accelerates seamlessly to enhance the wind as the apparent wind builds in the sail in the gentlest of breezes. This technology offers the prompt lift and effortless gliding typical of low-aspect wings without sacrificing performance or the sharpness of its reaction. Once up at speed, the foil asks riders to adopt a more rearward-riding stance compared to other foils, producing a feel consistent with traditional windsurfing. This foil’s unique feel allows riders to drive on the back foot when hunting for speed without interrupting the foil’s ride height. Through the gybes, the foil responds well to positive rider input, dropping weight across the board and onto the back hip. On the exit, the same is asked of the rider using their back foot to drive the foil out of the turn. Overall the AFS is a super easy, user-friendly foil that will certainly assist riders in increasing their wind range as they learn to explore what foiling has to offer.

Website: www.foilandco.com / www.foilandco.co.uk



Vital Stats

Price: £1727 (£1697 for the W85/F770 pack)

Head: Deep Tuttle

Mast Length: 85.0 cm

Mast Material: Carbon

Fuselage Length: 88.0 cm

Fuselage Material: Carbon

Front Wing Span: 80.0 cm

Front Wing Chord: 16.5 cm

Front Wing Area (Quoted): 1080 cm²

Tail Wing Span: 50.4 cm

Tail Wing Area (Quoted): 320 cm²

Wing Material: Carbon

Weight: 3.61 kg


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