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Exocet tell us all about their new 2024 range.


The new Exocet range is being released.

Wherever your windsurfing journey takes you, Exocet is committed to providing boards that not only deliver in their respected element but also offer an enjoyable and comfortable riding experience.

Under the guidance of Patrice Belbeoc’h, the 2024 range embodies this philosophy by refining existing shapes with a variety of adjustment as well as introducing an innovative new design.




 XWAVE V3 2024

Onshore Wave

Shaped by the challenging conditions of choppy beach breaks and unpredictable gusty onshore winds commonly encountered along the European coastline, the 2024 Xwave design has evolved to thrive in these elements.

Central to the new design is its fast rocker line. With improved acceleration and upwind mobility, Xwave can escape the shore break and swiftly reposition itself within the line-up.

New Xwave adopts a more moderate outline curve by moving the widest point of the board further forward. With significantly reduced drag, the board can maintain its momentum through deep and wide bottom turns.

When the wave conditions turn on, the Xwave can adapt and readjust its turning radius accordingly. The tail is narrowed just behind the back footstrap, coupled with a subtle tail kick. The combination allows the board to be more back-foot driven when needed through both bottom and top turns.

Xwave can be set up with a single fin or tri-fin configuration depending on conditions or personal preference.



BREEZE V1 2024

Light Wind Wave

Drawing inspiration from the classical longboard, The Breeze is designed to be catching waves in those light days.

A true wave catcher and crafted in the style of a surf longboard, the Breeze is designed to shine where its more radical cousins struggle – in super light and marginal winds.

The increased length allows for remarkably early take-offs even in ultra-light wind. Combined with the additional volume, the board can go over the white water smoother and without exhausting the rider.

All Breeze sizes feature a unique step tail feature. When on the wave, it functionally reduces the effective length of the board by almost 30 cm. This transition dramatically changes the board’s behavior on the wave, making it react like a shorter board, enabling precise and extended bottom turns at full speed.

The board’s bottom includes a prominent V shape, allowing the rider to roll from rail to rail with ease. Sharp turns are notably smooth, adding to the agility of the board when compared to a more classic wave board.

The Breeze boards come with a versatile fin setup, offering the option of using three fins or a single fin for freeriding or a laid-back cruising session.



CROSS V7 2024

Freewave / Bump & Jump

From flat water blasting to bump & jump to and wave riding, the Cross is designed to excel in the widest range of conditions.

Its reworked shape, redistributed volume, and three fin boxes result in an incredibly responsive ride with impressive speed and comfort.

With multiple strap positions, the Cross can be easily adjusted to better suit the conditions and skill level of the rider.

For those seeking even more agility, the Cross can be configured with a thruster setup, transforming it into a highly maneuverable wave board.




NANO V3 2024


The Nano series of windsurfing boards is a fantastic option for individuals in the beginner to intermediate skill range, who are keen on improving and advancing their skills.

Build with a fairly straight outline and a wide tail to facilitate early and passive planning, these boards possess a forgiving nature that riders of all levels will enjoy.

As riders make strides in their progress, the Nano boards remain highly capable. The design features fine-tuned thin rails and a narrow nose, which makes the board especially easy to gybe.

The larger volume of the Nano boards comes with a retractable daggerboard, which is ideal for progressing in more challenging conditions. This feature allows you to adjust the board to suit your conditions of practice, providing a smooth and stable ride that will help you gain confidence and improve your skills.

On the whole, the Nano series strikes an exceptional balance between quality and affordability, rendering it an excellent investment for newcomers entering the world of windsurfing or aspiring to hone their skills to a new level. With their adaptability, versatility, and durability, the Nano boards bridge the gap between entry-level boards and those preferred by seasoned riders.






Our Scross range represents the latest generation of freerace boards developed by Exocet.

When you’re seeking a slalom board that excels on the course but is comfortable to ride, the Scross is the perfect choice.

We have completely redesigned the lineup, introducing new shapes that offer a compact outline and a reworked hull. These boards feature an added V under the straps, allowing for early planing and a lively feel underfoot.

The central part of the deck surrounding the mast track is lowered. Recessing the mast track and lowering an entire rig helps to significantly boost control, even in challenging conditions.

The Scross Carbon version was developed for riders seeking heightened performance but without the excessive technicality of a full slalom board.

Additionally, the fin box was reinforced making the Scross foil compatible.




Slalom Racing

Designed as a dedicated slalom machine, the RS design undergoes constant development and fine-tuning by Partice and his test team, ensuring top-notch performance on the race course.

To maintain the racer’s focus on maintaining speed throughout the course, subtle adjustments have been made to all outlines to enhance control even in rough conditions. Notably, the widest point of the board has been shifted closer to the nose while maintaining the same tail width. This refinement flattens the outline curve, significantly improving control on straight lines and allowing to approach gybes with greater speed.

The bottom shape features a mono concave beneath the nose that transitions into a consistent V shape from underneath the mast track to the back foot. This configuration aids in sustaining speed and direction even when facing challenging choppy conditions.

In the footstraps area, deck thickness has been reduced to re-balance front and back foot positions. With a new setup, the front foot will feel less “loose” in rough conditions. Alongside this, the slight increase in rail thickness in the nose area boosts the early planing capability of the RS design and improves control during gybes.

While these boards offer outstanding slalom performance, we have also incorporated Exocet’s DNA by integrating DDSA (double-density shock absorbers), which provide much-needed comfort and control, vital elements for both PWA races and long-distance sailing.

Notably, the RS 58 boasts a distinct shape within the RS range, drawing inspiration from the renowned Exocet Turboboost 58. The hull plan has been thoughtfully reimagined and updated, involving adjustments to the outline and volume distribution. Tail cutouts have been omitted, prioritizing control over release during turbulent small sail heats. Overall, this board is an ideal choice for high-wind conditions, whether it’s on flat water or in challenging environments, providing unparalleled comfort and confidence.



RS V5 CARBON 380 2024

Racecourse Racing

The RS V5 Carbon 380 from Exocet stands out as the most advanced and tactical design in their range, exclusively dedicated to raceboarding.

In the quest for victory on the racecourse, every detail matters. Sailors must be prepared to excel in various conditions, from marginal winds to strong gusts and challenging waters. They need the ability to fine-tune and adjust their equipment on the fly, maximizing every bit of wind available.

The RS V5 Carbon 380 is specifically engineered to provide racers with the essential tools to gain an advantage within the fleet.

Significant improvements have been made to the board, particularly in reaching and sailing close-hauled. The daggerboard and mast track have been slightly repositioned forward, enhancing the board’s sensitivity, and getting on a rail quicker in lighter and marginal winds.

The tail section has undergone modifications, incorporating a light V design to enhance course stability and navigation in choppy waters. This update also offers improved release during reaching. Combined with the readjusted fins position, this synergy generates enhanced grip and power when planing.

The daggerboard has been further fine-tuned to optimize its weight and effectiveness on the racecourse.

While the RS V5 Carbon 380 is primarily designed as a tactical racing board, it doesn’t compromise on fun and performance for recreational use.





Freeride & Freemove Foil

The Freefoil embodies the spirit of windfoiling without any constraints – effortlessly taking off and enjoying the sensation of flight with minimal effort.

With the forward placement of the widest point, along with a mostly straight rocker extending up to the front foot area, Freefoil rapidly accelerates to its optimal planing speed. Due to its generous width, the board will stay on course and maintain trim even if a sailor is not accurate with his movements or positioning.

For smooth take-offs, the foil box is positioned slightly forward, allowing riders to easily settle into the footstraps and fine-tune the board’s trim before ascending into flight.

The deck maintains a flat profile throughout the board, with a slight curve reserved for the footstrap region. This shape encourages a comfortable, natural foot placement on the deck.

During flight, the rear foot is positioned slightly closer to the center line than the front foot, thanks to the narrower tail. Such configuration imparts greater control over the foil’s behaviour and lift. If the rider should falter, the Freefoil incorporates an ample nose rocker and thoughtfully tucked rails to cushion any abrupt landings.

Designed primarily for progression and recreational freeride foiling, the Freefoil is best when paired with less technical no-cam moderately sized sails.




RF FOIL V3 2024

Slalom & Racing Foil

Designed for performance foiling, the RF Foil range is shaped to excel in both light winds and high-power conditions, with no compromises to control over the course.

Marked by its square outline, flat deck, and remarkably wide tail, the board swiftly accelerates to take-off speed. On the bottom, the foil box is placed as far back as possible. The combined effect allows the RF Foil to rapidly take off over a short distance.

Every size of the RF Foil series showcases specialized tail cutouts that significantly diminish drag during acceleration prior to take-off or just after touchdowns. Notably, the 85 and 91 sizes feature oversized cutouts, reducing tail volume for heightened efficiency.

The wide tail proves pivotal when flying at high speeds. The positioning of footstraps nearer to the rail allows the sailor to control the foil pitch with higher precision and enhances overall upwind tracking. Conversely, placing footstraps further inboard helps keep the foil pitch under control on a predominantly downwind course.

All RF Foil sizes feature a lowered mast track. Keeping the rig connection lower improves overall board and rig control while in flight.

Occasional touchdowns are inevitable in foiling, particularly in choppy conditions. Catching water leads to quick deceleration and even loss of control. To counter that, a lot of volume is shaped into the RF Foil rails. This extra volume with a generous nose rocker result in a board bouncing back without “sticking” and losing speed.

RF Foils represents a natural progression from slower and forgiving freefoil boards. Their direct feel and explosive nature soon become an essential feature once the transition is made. Even when flying faster and higher, the RF Foil remains comfortable and in control, enabling you to remain focused on pushing your speed.



SUP & Windsurf

The core principle behind Exocets’ Windsup is less time on the beach and more fun on the water.

With its distinctive drop-like shape, inspired by surf longboards, the Windsup works is an exceptional platform for recreational water sports. Whether it’s stand-up paddleboarding (SUP), windsurfing, or even wind foiling, the setup is yours to choose from.

Step tail is a very distinct design feature. It gives the board excellent glide capabilities in sub-planing mode, making it ideal for recreational SUP paddling. The concave bottom shape towards the front enhances board directional stability.

When the wind picks up, the board can be quickly set into an adept windsurfing platform. As it attains planning speed, the step tail lifts above the water surface, effectively shortening the board by approximately 35cm. This unique feature enables the board to achieve speeds exceeding 27 knots with ease.

The bottom of the board is designed with a generous V shape. Coupled with gently rounded, tucked rails, the Windsup remains comfortable even in choppy conditions.

All sizes of the Windsup lineup are equipped with a reinforced foil box, facilitating the swift setup of the board for wind foiling sessions as well.



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