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The Lowdown
Karpathos is one of the best destinations in Europe for windsurfing. Boasting crystal clear turquoise waters together with a multitude of stunning beaches and secluded traditional villages, ION CLUB Karpathos is an almost undiscovered gem, which will provide you with an authentic Greek experience, while providing adrenaline junkies with their fix. 

Conditions & When To Go
In July and August, the wind frequently reaches 35-40 knots at its peak meaning those that enjoy sailing on small gear will be in their element. Meanwhile, during May-June and September-October the wind isn’t quite so strong, making it ideal for many windsurfers and wing-foilers to enjoy! 

Local Spots
Karpathos has long been a favourite for windsurfers from all over Europe. Gun Bay offers bump and jump conditions with chop up to 1 metre high accompanied by trademark strong winds, while you don’t need to worry about any shorebreak. However, if you prefer flatwater, then Chicken Bay will be your go to with less wind within the safety of a shallow bay – making it an ideal location for kids & families to learn and improve. 

About The Centre
The centres are in front of the spots and are equipped with the latest Duotone windsurf and wing-foil equipment. Avoid disappointment and book your windsurfing holiday now with ION CLUB Karpathos – safety and enjoyment are our priority. Free GPS devices available for increased security.  

Where To Stay
Several options are available next to the centre (Thalassa Suites, Punta Mare, Irini hotel, etc), while there are more alternatives in the close by villages of Pigadia, Arkasa and Amoopi. 

Contact Details:

Website link : https://www.ion-club.net/karpathos/ 

Email: [email protected] 

Telephone: +30 6989 8051 42 




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