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“It all started five years ago. I was asked to help with a little windsurf video. When I saw the clips, I could not believe it. It was the longest windsurf-able wave I had ever seen. It seemed to be super glassy and friendly… that kind of wave where everyone could perform their best, learn fast and enjoy!

The Spot was Pacasmayo. It was unknown for the windsurf community by then, but from a few years ago, it has become more and more popular. After watching those images I never forgot that name. A few years later, it became part of the IWT Tour, so now we’ve seen already quite a lot of clips and images of this long wave. But, since that winter, I’ve been dreaming about it, the more images I was watching, the more I wanted to go!

Last August I finally had the chance to make it happen! I didn’t really know what to expect, I didn’t know much about Peru. But believe me, I could almost imagine and reproduce in my brain every section of this never-ending wave of El Faro. Everything else, I was about to discover!”

Music: The Walking Who “Royal Debris”
Edition: Emi Galindo
Footage: Kevin Pritchard, Tom Soltysiac
Cover pic: Si Crowther
Location: Pacasmayo, Perú

Via emi_galindo

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