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RRD rider, Francesco Cappuzzo has just won the Sabfoil sponsored European Race & World Championship!

RRD Say! Francesco Cappuzzo wins the Sabfoil sponsored European Race & World Championship with RRD foils, wings, boards and wetsuits! No other brand in the world has this package!

It was a thrilling few days and definitely one to remember for a while. Francesco Cappuzzo wins a “nail biting” regatta that took place in Campione, Lake Garda. 3 days of wind and non-stop racing, the first day Francesco started on the right foot by winning both long distance races & then the unexpected happens. On the second day, in the short distance races, Francesco made some critical errors and found himself seventh in the general ranking at the end of the day and with little chance of even seeing the podium. The last day of the race, the weather did not play it’s part in the morning as it was raining but by midday some north wind kicked in which allowed for the regatta to commence. Francesco saw this as his only opportunity to go all in. After 5 consecutive heats he got 3 bullets (first places) that allowed him to climb the rankings and win the regatta.

Francesco’s words about the last day of competition: “I know I had to give all or nothing. I started the first race with a second place and then I crashed in the second race and thought that the competition was finished for me. Then I was able to focus and won 3 bullets in a row and came back to the beach thinking I was able to get the podium but then they told me I won the competition and I couldn’t believe it. I’m still shaking to win this important event.”


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