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The Verdict

Not needing to be an expert to use, the HORIZON is smooth in its power delivery and naturally wants to flatter the rider with its forgiving nature. Easy to find power in the exits, the HORIZON gives you a little nudge to drive your riding style.


The Lowdown

Keeping the same shape and outline as the 2023 range, the HORIZON remains unchanged for 2024. With its more classic graphic design, it may not immediately catch your eye, however, the HORIZON aims to impress in other ways. It features a tapestry of strategically placed materials to reduce weight, enhance performance and increase durability. The lightweight square PLY is featured at the top of the sail, while multi-directional X-PLY is placed in areas under higher stress. A large clear X-PLY window is situated in the widest part of the sail, improving visibility for the rider. The HORIZON is the only 5-batten sail in its category and therefore offers ultimate control and stability, while the 5-batten layout is maintained across all sizes ranging from 3.7m to 6.1m. Referred to as the “Chameleon of wave sails”, in sizes up to 5m the HORIZON focuses on radical wave and strong wind characteristics, while in sizes 5.3m and above, it transforms into a punchy power package more suited for bump and jump conditions. The top panel of the HORIZON displays GUNSAILS’ F.R.E.D mark, which indicates the downhaul setting for the sail, while making it as simple and friendly to use as possible. At the clew, there is a double eyelet for tuning power or control, and a concave cut on the sail just above the boom, which helps to reduce the overall boom length on the HORIZON.


Brand Claim

“The HORIZON is considered the chameleon of wave sails. The focus of the smaller sizes up to 5.0m is on radical wave and strong wind characteristics.”



Being one of the longest luffs and having the largest boom the HORIZON naturally feels larger in the hands during transitions than others in the category. The HORIZON is noticeably forgiving with its power delivery as it builds in your hands gradually with its pull and effort being centred around the rider. Once up to speed it may not be the fastest sail, but this aids its forgiving nature, giving you time to setup for the next manoeuvre. Breathing as it fills in in the gusts, the HORIZON requires minimal input from the rider to handle the extra power, which gives you, both the time and opportunity to focus on things ahead. Sailing through the lulls, it’s easy to find the power when it’s light, as the width of the sail starts to work by finding the extra power you desire to keep you on the plane and pull you through the lulls, while if paired with a board which holds more volume in the tail, this characteristic would be further accentuated. The extra width in the sail additionally helps to develop your riding – helping to level you up from a first-time beginner wave sailor to a competent intermediate wave sailor where you are beginning to push the power into and out of the turns. This is something the HORIZON does this for you – most noticeably through top turns as it does not require you to move the sail a huge amount to elevate your riding. Instead, it simply finds the power to pull you out of some tricky situations – even with some questionable technique. It naturally wants to flatter your riding and give you that extra punch you have always dreamed of for minimal input. In faster, more critical waves the HORIZON would again flatter the rider, but you need to be more proactive with your input to shift its width between the hands to match the pace and sections that are presented before you.






Price: €585

Size: 5m

Luff: 414cm

Boom: 172cm

Battens: 5

Ideal Mast: Gun Sails 400 RDM

Available Sizes: 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.7, 6.1




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