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The Verdict

The Gunsails Vector is a masterclass in windsurfing performance. Its exhilarating speed, adaptive nature, and exceptional stability make it a strong ally in a range of conditions. Whether you’re gliding through light winds or racing through overpowering gusts, the Vector ensures a thrilling and satisfying ride.

The Lowdown

As we sail into the new season, the Vector from Gunsails continues to make waves in the market, offering a 3-cam freerace design that seamlessly blends performance with control. This sail draws heavily from the innovative features of the GS-R, the brand’s World Cup sail, but is packaged in a more accessible and user-friendly form.

With its dynamic 3D mast sleeve sporting zip openings, the Vector allows for effortless camber adjustment. Additionally, it incorporates an offset clew, the inner eyelet enhancing control and handling, while the outer eyelet boosts low wind performance.

In terms of its structure, the Vector incorporates seven cross battens that ensure maximum profile stability. Each of these battens is designed as a tube, ensuring more stability in the structure.

A notable feature of the Vector is its Tack Strap, which plays a crucial role in elevating the profile’s efficiency. It also features an airflow-aligned batten system and a neoprene cover on the boom cutout, each contributing to enhancing the sail’s overall aerodynamics.

Despite resembling a pure race sail, it ensures a lighter and more comfortable ride due to its superior handling abilities.

Packed with the GS-R’s DNA, the Vector embodies pure performance and competitiveness, all while providing the ease of a freerace sail. It emerges as the ideal choice for speed enthusiasts and slalom pilots of all skill levels, and a match for racers looking for that competitive edge.

Brand Claim

“No other freerace sail combines the energetic performance of a slalom sail with the lightness, handling and comfort of a freerace sail.”


Accelerate on the Vector, and the power delivery feels direct. This immediate burst of speed is a thrilling sensation, feeling like a sports car roaring to life at the touch of a pedal.

As the winds lighten, the Vector’s dynamic nature shines. The sail exhibits an almost springy feel when pumping, allowing you to coax it onto the plane with ease. Its innate flexibility, paired with its resilient structure, makes the Vector a reliable partner in variable wind conditions.

Once the Vector picks up speed, it exhibits a distinct behaviour: it drops back into position, becoming increasingly lighter in the hands the faster you go. This weightless feel offers a freeing sensation. In overpowering conditions, the Vector’s adaptability is truly remarkable. Switching to the lower clew eyelet brings about a significant enhancement in the sail’s performance. This easy adjustment serves to optimise the Vector’s behaviour, transforming challenging winds into an opportunity for a faster ride.

At full throttle, the Vector comes into its own. It seems to relish the thrill of speed, delivering its best performance when pushed to the limit. Its smooth cam rotation is a godsend in the gybes, making it easy to accelerate out of turns. The Vector also stands out with its impressively stable centre of effort. Regardless of the conditions or how fast you’re going, the sail’s balance and control remain consistent, making your ride smoother and more enjoyable.

WEBSITE: gunsails.com



Vital Stats

Price: €739 Euro

Size: 8.6

Luff: 503 cm

Boom: 230/223 cm

Battens: 7

Cams: 3

Ideal Mast: Gunsails 490 cm SDM

Available Sizes: 5.0, 5.6, 6.3, 7.1, 7.8, 8.6, 9.5.




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