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Legendary wave sailor Jason Polakow has parted ways with JP Australia and joined the Goya Team. Read below for all the details as Francisco Goya welcomes Jason into the Goya Team!

Goya say:

“Dear Windsurfing community,

We are thrilled to announce our warmest welcome to a rider who has inspired us regardless of the gear he rode on.

Windsurfing has always been more than just a brand and a sport; it’s a passion, a lifestyle, and a community in our quest as collaborative dreamers to bring together what we feel for life. Today, we unite our forces with a name and a movement that resonates in every cell in our body and every corner of the windsurfing world.

Jason Polakow’s unparalleled dedication, electrifying performances, and groundbreaking gear contributions to the sport have not only set the bar high but also lit our path as we lay into our first bottom turns or went for a late hit in what would have seemed impossible before.

Beyond being a professional windsurfer, Jason has been a movement and the driver of our wave-riding culture, who has kept us at the edge of our seats more than I can count.

Our mission is to continue the innovations that will inspire the next generations as we elevate our sport to new heights.

Welcome to your own tribe, Jason!

Thank you for your trust in our team, gear, and your intuition.

About time Buddy!”

Francisco Goya
Goya Windsurfing
Lifetimes of Windsurfing Dedication

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