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“Kiri Ready Ready” The return of the tech god, Kiri Thode NB 61, to the world of freestyle!

It has been 2 years since Kiri competed in the PWA world tour. There has been some ups and downs, some victories and some losses but Kiri is hungrier then ever to get on the podium again. With an impressive winning streak from 2007 till 2015, Kiri managed to secure a spot on the podium each year but now he has to fight to get a wildcard.

This year he wants to join the PWA tour again with the first PWA stop on Bonaire. There is no better way to show the world what he is still capable of than on his home spot. He is familiar with the conditions and knows what to expect when it comes down to competing . “I know it is not going to be easy but I have to do this. There is still a little voice inside, telling me to get out there and compete, and it grows louder every day.”

He is training harder then ever to be “ready ready”, as the former world champion Kiri Thode says himself.

“I set my goals for this year and I want to push the sport like I always did. I created new freestyle moves back in the day and I feel like there is still more to come from me. I am fine tuning my moves to get back to my windsurf routine. Not only am I training on the water but as an athlete I know how important it is to also train in the gym as well. My condition needs to be back at my old level so I can throw all the tricks needed in my heats.”

Jibe City and Severne Sails Caribbean backs him up, giving him the opportunity to prove that he has still got what it takes to be one of the best out there. “It is hard to be on top of your game for so many years, but I have refocused again and now I want to come back better than I left!” – Kiri Thode

It is going to be an interesting year, not only for Kiri, but also for the world of freestyle. He was world champion once, wouldn’t you like to see him do it twice?!


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