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The Ensis crew give us the lowdown on their ENSIS ROCK ’N’ ROLL wing foil board.

WORDS – ENSIS // PHOTOS – Tobias Meier, Roger Grütter.


It was at the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico City that a certain Richard Douglas “Dick” Fosbury was ready to compete in the high jump. The bar was at 2 metres and 24 cm. Fosbury, highly concentrated, and to the amazement of the audience, took an arched run-up and jumped over the bar – shoulders and back first, only to land on one of the thick foam cushions used at the time. Jumping over 2.24 metres not only meant the gold medal in Mexico. The 21-year-old also set a new Olympic record with that height. Before that, there was a plethora of techniques. Feet first over the bar, scissor jump etc.. And then came Fosbury with his flop. He revolutionized high jumping, and the technique is now adopted by almost all high jumpers today. The moral of the story? If you want to achieve more, you need innovation, creativity and courage.

Benoit Clement was an avid snowboarder as a child. He loved snowboarding in all terrain and especially the air. His snowboard was his everything. Do you remember what a snowboard looks like? Do you remember the concave shape of snowboards? Snowboards are concave because the shape gives the board four pressure points, instead of only two pressure points with a regular board. Every snowboarder knows and loves the advantages of the snowboard’s shape: better control, more stability, and more speed. All attributes that make the heart of every snowboarder beat louder.

Now our Benoit was not only a snowboarder as a child, but also a surfer. He had one question in his head – can you transfer the advantages of the concave shape of a snowboard to a surfboard in the water? And so he shaped his surfboard with a concave outline. He was the happiest man alive when he tested his brand new shaped board, because the advantages were obviously the same in the water as in the snow.


Today Benoit Clément is still a shaper. A very successful shaper in fact at ENSIS, a premium brand of wing foiling equipment. Today, Benoit is paid for his passion. His latest development, the ROCK ’N’ ROLL wing foil board, absolutely lives up to its name, because it is made for everyone who wants to dance on the water. Because the board has four pressure points, it offers much better stability, holds a straighter line and is faster planing than conventional boards. For beginners or pros in heavy conditions, these qualities combine to make a considerable advantage. All board volumes are relatively short in length. This means the volume is under your feet where you want it, making it easier to learn and progress. As you progress, moves like gybes and tacks become a lot easier as well. For wing foiling, the ROCK ’N’ ROLL board offers immense advantages.

– Ultimate stability in the water:
the engineered wide nose and tail give you the important stability to get started or to wait for wind even in the choppiest water. The perfectly distributed volume supports you in your balance.

– Early planing and easy pumping: the wide tail allows you to step into the back strap before you start and stays nicely balanced in the water. The tail kick bottom breaks the surface tension and allows the board to pop up quickly.

– Easy acceleration and lift-off: the V-shaped, double concave bottom helps you accelerate. The bevelled rails ensure an easy lift-off. They also allow for an easy bounce back upon touchdowns.

– Control and high manoeuvrability: once you accelerate and fly, the concave outline and the compact shape keep the board going in the desired direction. The concave deck shape gives you all the control you need. Dancing unlimited.

– Easy landing and take-off: after a jump or a touchdown, the wide nose with its nose kick enables easy landing and pops you back up on the foil.

– Light and robust: the Custom Carbon Sandwich Technology offers everything you need, a light yet robust construction. Challenge your limits.


Do you really feal the difference? ENSIS chief tester Michi Näf says the following about the ROCK ’N’ ROLL Board and its concave outline: “I love it so much because of its ultra-compact shape. The optimal volume distribution allows me to jump and land in a very controlled way. The unbeatable advantage of the concave board compared to a conventional board is the stability and that I don’t touch the water with the board during my turns, even in the most extreme carve.”


The ROCK ’N’ ROLL is for anyone who wants to dance on the water. Based on the revolutionary concave outline combined with a compact shape, the board offers exceptional stability and control when starting in choppy water, when accelerating onto the foil and when flying. The innovative shape provides high manoeuvrability and supports unlimited actions in the air. Landing in the water the wide nose enables smooth nosedives and then you’re back up foiling again before you know it. Produced in the highest quality construction for best performance. Sizes: 57, 77, 97 & 117. Available in all ENSIS Shops.








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