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Starboard’s popular Carve range of boards have had a redesign for 2021. From our April 2021 edition of Windsurf Magazine we get the lowdown on their fresh freeride shapes from Svein Rasmussen and Remi Villa.

Words Svein Rasmussen, Remi Villa // Photos  Starboard.

Svein Rasmussen – Chief Innovator

“As good as it gets”, that became our slogan in the year 2000 when the Carve was voted board of the year in the USA, and the Carve 99 was the first board I ever shaped, so I have loads of good memories about these boards. Now, 21 years later, we have quite a bit of experience and again, the range is as GOOD as it gets! The lockdown gave us more time to develop stuff as we could stay in Thailand instead of moving across time zones. What we set out to achieve was early planing, comfort, top end speed, control and extra easy jibing. And we got it by using:

– A recessed deck for lift and lower point of gravity, equalling control;

– A carving hip around the front strap area encouraging you to go into gybes, while the thick tail and generous nose rail helps exiting at full speed;

– 1 metre+ long flat bottom section for acceleration (107 cm on the 135);

– Double V concave for a smooth ride over bumpy waters;

– Cutaways similar to those used on the Isonic for speed and control.

Let me share these boards size by size, as the favourite babies they are:

– The 115, the little speed bomb and a Défi wind favourite;

– The 125, my favourite, I love it as it gets going early, quickly finds its flighty top end and helps me both in and out of jibes.

– 135, for riders 85 kg up, the predecessor won both the French Wind and Planche Mag tests last year, it is the only Carve board we offer with a foil box in the RTF (ready to foil) version.

Coming soon is the Carve 155, this board changed my perception about what a large freeride board might be like. It’s a master in non-active planing, a super sweet controlled ride with no sticky parts. Coming into the jibe, it’s a new world and it rewrote my book on how amazing a big board can get around corners and exit at full speed.

A little tip, if you want extra control and easy jibing, move the footstrap inserts all the way in, we have a double strap solution that fits the deck perfectly.

Other features include super comfortable double density deck pads

and environmentally friendly Yulex rubber straps. The boards are available in two constructions:

– Wood Sandwich, our most innovative technology, lightweight boards designed from the ground up as our lowest carbon-footprint, with 92.1 kg CO2 emitted from production, packaging and shipping for a 125 litre Carve.

– Starlite Carbon, our best value, offering a full carbon skin in an affordable package, with 99.3 kg CO2 emitted for a 125 litre Carve.

Both boards are 10 x climate positive, thanks to our carbon offset projects.”

Remi Vila – R&D Manager

“Make the board easier and faster, hum is that possible? Yes, we did it. All sizes have become more compact, combined with an increased flat section to calm down the board. The flat section also increased its passive planing and ability to keep planing in lulls. Additionally it made it easier to control in strong winds with more speed. As always, we spend a huge amount of time to improve every aspect of the board. I highly recommend the new Carve!”

PRICES – Starlite Carbon – £1449; Wood Sandwich – £1949.

For more information, go to windsurf.star-board.com.

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