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Windsurf Magazine caught up with the PWA vice wave champion Marcilio Browne to find out what he has been up to over the past few months in Hawaii.

Photos: PWA/Carter


I have stayed in Maui the whole time since the lock down focussing on my family and testing a lot of equipment. Goya have been working on the new production line so I have been working on that like normal. I have been sailing a lot but no travel for me. Goya change their line every two years now so we are about to send the final prototypes for next years boards. It has been incredible because the whole team has been together to test all the shapes, aside from Francisco who is not here. For me personally I have tested more than ever and I feel like that will show in our new production. It feels like we went forward a lot with most boards.


This was my first summer in Maui for a long time and I enjoyed it. There are a lot less people around and the roads are emptier than normal. There were not too many people in the water throughout spring so that made it enjoyable. I miss the PWA events in the Canary Islands. It is not just about the sailing but it is just nice to be there training with all the guys. We all normally push each other on the water and I miss that part the most, the whole build up to the competition. You are excited everyday about sailing together.


I am still training and sailing five or six days a week and still doing my physical training with Sarah Hauser as well. I feel I am in good shape and on the water as much as normal. Life is a lot easier by the fact I am not travelling. It makes you realize how much airplanes and airports take it out of you. But my goals are still the same, I am still trying to improve my sailing over here.

Life in Maui without all the tourists has been nice. It is noticeably quiet without all the hustle on the roads. It has been great for cycling and all the beaches have been less busy than normal. It feels like we are all living sometime out of the past before all the tourists showed up. WE probably have another two months of small summer waves before the winter swells really start to kick in. Then Maui will start picking up for the wave season. The summer still has a lot of jumping days and a lot of sailing time which keeps us in the water and keeps us fit for when the waves get good.


Our car rental business is on hold! We have not been able to do anything with that for a few months. Whenever it is time we will get going again. There is no rush there. I want to wait until this whole Covid situation is figured out and then go from there.


I have not tried wing foiling yet. I think I will, it is just that the conditions have been surprisingly good for wave sailing even though the waves are small. It has been great jumping and when it has been flat I have been so tired from sailing the previous days that I just rest. I am excited to try wing foiling soon for sure!



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