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Windsurf talk to Max Rowe: one of the UK’s most successful freestylers, as well as expert Club Vass instructor and more recently a dad, for his update on what is happening in Austria right now and what he has been up to recently:

Photos: John Carter and PWA/ Carter


WS: Where are you right now and how is life for you at home during the crises??

MR: I’m in Salzburg, Austria and we feel pretty fortunate that our “lockdown” hasn’t been as strict as a lot of Europe whilst also being very effective in flattening the curve. We have been able to get out and about for exercise and drive for the occasional hike without the fear of being shamed by strangers on FB or ending up on the front page of the Daily Mail!

WS: We heard you are a dad now…congratulations? Tell us how that is working out so far with Lola?

MR: Thank you very much! Things are going great with Lola, she’s healthy, happy most of the time and even sleeping occasionally at night so we’re just very grateful for that! Of course, it has been the perfect distraction from everything that’s going on at the moment and I’m so relieved my family made it over here to meet her before the crises really kicked off.

WS: What have you been doing since the lock down started?

MR: Changing nappies!

WS: How much are you missing windsurfing?

MR: A lot actually and especially windsurfing in Vass with the crew out there! Because of the pregnancy we were in Austria for bit longer this year, so it feels like ages since I’ve had a good run of time on the water. I was very fortunate to get out for a very brief session here yesterday on some borrowed gear and it was so nice to get that feeling back.

WS: What is happening with Club Vass at the moment?

MR: Well it all seems a bit up in the air really until there’s some definitive word from the government as to what the travel restrictions will look like this summer.

WS: Were you planning to be there this summer?

MR: Yes of course! We would have been looking to drive down this week or next.

WS: Do you keep in touch with all the Cub Vass crew?

MR: Yeah we are in touch quite a lot. We all love it out there, so everyone’s pretty gutted at the moment with the current situation.

WS: Do you think you will be competing again this season?

MR: I seriously doubt it. To be honest, it was looking unlikely before this crisis kicked off! I’ve been on the tour for 10 years now and I must of only missed two or three events in that time so I feel very content with the run I’ve had at it and with the incredible support I’ve received during that time. Saying that, if there was an event that came up in Bonaire or somewhere as exciting as that I’d definitely be ‘doing my all’ to get a wildcard so I’m not really retiring from competition as such, but I’m looking for some new challenges and events that excite me rather than going back to the same locations all the time.

WS: Can you tell us how you are keeping fit and mentally strong during the last month?

MR: I’ve got a new-found love for road biking which has been great for keeping fit. Mentally, well every day’s different but I think having the focus on Lola has really helped me to see things for the bigger picture in life and help keep me positively moving forward to do the best I can for her.

WS: Why do you love windsurfing?

 MR: I love how content it makes me feel and of course the beers after a good session!


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