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We continue with our reports from around the world on how sailors are surviving and keeping busy during the Corona epidemic and it is over to Maui, Hawaii for this catch up with former PWA wave champion Victor Fernandez!

Photos: PWA/ Carter and Fanatic/ Carter

WS: Tell us how the Corona situation has disrupted your season so far?

VF: Well, I came to Maui with the family on March 3rd, just when it was starting in Europe to get bad and we thought about coming back but now with our baby of 4 months it is not so easy to travel and specially with this virus through the US (big airports, planes) is not ideal so we decided to extend our stay here until May 30th to wait and see if things get better in Spain.

WS: Are you stuck in Maui or are you preferring to stay there?

VF: We could have gone back but we decided to be here as we are lock down too but not so strict  and we are allow to go to the water every day which is actually why we come to Maui and it is my job and passion too.

WS: Are you still windsurfing?

VF: Yes, the Hawaii Governor wants people to keep doing sports but no groups, keeping big distances and just from the car to the water, water- car and back home.

WS: What is the vibe like at the beach or do you just go sail and go home?

VF: We go Windsurfing, surfing, Sup or swimming with Kona (our son) almost every day. We just look at the forecast and we decide which spot to go.

WS: How are you enjoying being a dad?

VF: It is great, but it is also hard sometimes! Every dad knows about it, I guess. But it is amazing to see your son interact more and more with us and I love it. The sleeping time is just not the same as before, but we are getting used to it.

WS: What does it feel like being a wave sailor and not knowing if and when there will be any events?

VF: Well, it is not easy but I just think that it is a moment to think that it is a very hard time for many people right now and if we don’t have events at the moment it is for a reason! Staying safe and healthy it is the most important, so events will come sooner or later and we have to be positive in these times to don’t create more negativity around us, because there is no need for it, we have enough going on.

WS: How are you staying fit?

VF: Training at home, eating healthy and windsurfing and surfing a lot.

WS: How are you keeping your head together mentally?

VF: I think having a kid right now helps because time flies with him so I windsurf and then we do things with him, such as swimming, singing baby songs, ha-ha…changing diapers, listening to music, cooking, etc…so there is no time to get bored.

WS: Are you in touch with the other members of the team?

VF: Yes, Marc Paré, Adam Lewis and Arthur Arutkin are here too so It is great to sail with them. We are testing some sails together, trying fins and pushing each other in the water.

WS: Do you think you will compete again this season?

VF: I always stay positive and I think maybe Denmark and Sylt would happen, for Canary Islands is not looking so good as summer is around the corner and things are not improving yet.

WS: How has the shutdown affected your testing / training schedule?

VF: It has affected the development especially as we cannot receive new protos from Sri Lanka and boards from Portugal at the moment but Kai is going to do some sail prototypes at home on Maui so we can still move forward.

WS: What was the highlight your 2019 season? My trip to Cape Verde on February 2019 was amazing. We had a lot of good swells in three weeks and I still have some of those amazing rides on my mind.

WS: Why do you love windsurfing?

VF: It is more than a sport. It is a passion that I share with so many people, friends, and family. It gives me unique feelings.

WS: What are your words to live by?

VF: As a good friend said on our last Windsurfing Movie (Andre Paskowski), Do not be too hard on yourself, be nice to one another and enjoy every moment in life.

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