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North Windsurfing Brand is Relaunched, Introducing Revolutionary Technology to Windsurfing.

The North Windsurfing brand has been relaunched by North Actionsports Group (NAG) today, bringing the latest revolutionary sailmaking technologies to windsurfing. Amongst the growing collection of products, the Wave sail, masts, extensions, and apparel are now available on the North Windsurfing website.

North say “North Windsurfing utilizes cutting-edge 3Di technology to mold and construct its sails, a technique pioneered by North Sails 30 years ago. 3Di is unprecedented in the windsurfing arena and exemplifies outstanding value with industry-leading shape holding and longer service life compared to any other sailmaking technology today.

“Over the last ten years, North has developed 3Di sails. These are the first and only composite sails in the world and they are completely different from traditional paneled laminate or membrane sails. Using full-size computer controlled 3D molds allows for unlimited and seamless shape control. When combined with Prepreg composite tapes to build the structure you get a breathtaking new sail technology,” said Chris Williams, Head of Project Development at North Windsurfing. The technology is proven by Volvo Ocean Race teams, who trust their 3Di mainsails for a 45,000+ mile endeavor, the longest and toughest professional sporting event in the world.

“This is truly a milestone moment for windsurfing,” said Pieter Bijl, Head of Research and Development for North Windsurfing. “These sails are like no other. They’re the result of profound innovations in sailmaking technology and we’re so excited to be finally sharing them with the windsurfing world.”

The brand has kicked off with its first sail, the Wave. Crafted for the most radical of wave windsurfers, 3Di Molding provides unlimited precision in the Wave, resulting in a sail that is 30% lighter and three times stronger than any other windsurf sail. The low swing weight gives the rider maximum accuracy and will be in riders’ quivers for many years to come. “The Wave is super light, yet incredibly strong and durable. It’s an exceptional combination not seen before in windsurfing,” said Pieter.

Putting the gear through ultimate tests, Antoine Martin was announced as the first professional rider to join the team. The Guadeloupean is known as a fearless risk-taker in the waves and took home the win at the 2019 Aloha Classic. “From the first time trying these new sails, I felt something I’ve never felt in a traditional sail. The way the sail absorbs the wind and transforms it into forward drive is unlike anything I’ve experienced before,” said Antoine.

North Windsurfing will be launching more sails, starting with the X-Over sail in June. The Race and Foil sails will be released in the second half of 2022 and are loaded with unique technology to optimize performance for slalom racers.

About North Actionsports Group

Headquartered in the Netherlands, the North Actionsports Group offers industry-leading products for kiteboarding, windsurfing, foiling, and wakeboarding, with its brands North Kiteboarding, Mystic, and North Windsurfing. North Actionsports Group is part of the North Technology Group, a diverse family of companies serving marine and manufacturing markets worldwide.”

About North Windsurfing

Website – https://northwindsurfing.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/north_windsurfing/

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