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Another great beach stretching to Woolacombe in the North, Putsborough faces slightly North West and if there’s any South in the wind it’s shielded by the cliff at Baggy Point. NW winds buffer against the cliff and can leave the unwary drifting towards the rocks. In NE winds it’s excellent with a faster wave than at Staunton, just around the corner. There’s a large car park at the top of the cliffs, a bit pricey compared to some but with nice grassy areas to rig up on. There are suitable steps and slopes to take your kit down to the water.

Getting there: Follow the signposts from Croyde. Very narrow lanes!

Parking: Pay & Display

Ideal Wind: NE

Accommodation: Camping / caravan site

Amenities: Toilets and beach cafe

Suitable for: Intermediates and above

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